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8 Ways to Honor Your Mom at Your Wedding

Some may be wondering why this is an article. Isn’t the wedding day supposed to be about the bride? Isn’t it a celebration of the love between the bride and the groom? Well duh, of course it is. But for the bride who has always been close to her mother, for the bride who grew up without a father, for the bride who believes in traditions and memories, honoring her mother might be all she wants to do on her wedding day.

So if you are a bride that wants to do this for her mother, there are actually some pretty ingenious ideas out there that you can use to make it incredibly special for her. And if you were not thinking of doing this, some of these ideas might make you change your mind and make you want to celebrate that special lady in your life on your big day.


1. Photo display!

Have a table set up with photos of your mother. Whether it be old photos of your mom as a kid, her photos from her own wedding, or pictures of you and her throughout the years, this is a cute and easy idea! Like the photo above, if you would want to display her wedding dress (and even your grandmother’s dresses), that would also be a unique vintage accent to add as well!


2. Have your mom walk you down the aisle.

Even if your father is in your life, maybe you are closer with your mother and wish for her to walk you down the aisle. And if he is not, then this is a sweet sentiment to do as well. While it is not traditional to have your mother walk down the aisle, your guests will certainly love this sweet tribute to your momma.


3. Capture a first look photo with your mom.

The raw emotion in this photo is what gets me every time! First look photos are becoming very popular these days, whether it be with the groom or with the bride’s father. So why not have one with the bride’s mother? If you want to surprise your mom on your wedding day and reveal yourself to her right before you walk down the aisle or for pictures, then go for it! Pictures are worth a thousand words.


4. Something old, something blue, something borrowed, something new.

We have all heard the old tale of something old, something blue, something borrowed, something new at some point in our lifetime. Whether it be something old, something blue, something borrowed, or even something new from your mom, including this item from her will truly make her feel like the special woman she is!


5. Mother AND daughter dance!

Tired of the traditional way of doing things? Then bring your mom out on the dance floor! You can still have the father daughter dance if you would like, but why not show off your mom to the rest of your guests? You can make the dance emotional and sentimental, or have a fun and “let loose” rehearsed dance that you prepared together. Either way, you and your mom will be the star of the show!


6. Her best recipe wedding favor.

Does your mom make the best chocolate chip cookies ever? How about her canned jam that just can’t be beat?!? If this is the case for you, let it be your wedding favor! Your mom will love preparing something so special for your big day, and plus it makes for a great mother daughter project!


7. Specialty accessory!

Whether you have a separate bouquet for your mother, a beautiful corsage, or a new pearl bracelet that you bought for her, show to the guests how much your mom means to you with a special accessory! You can give it as a surprise gift on the morning of the wedding to make the occasion even more delightful.


8. Give her a thank you during the reception.

And lastly, speaking about your mother to your friends and family surrounding you would mean the world to her. You could write a thank you speech for both of your parents or just for your mom. Include your appreciation for her and all that she has done for you in your life, and all the help she has given in the wedding planning as well. Words can mean the world to a mother!

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