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9 Fun And Simple Ways To Decorate Your Desk Or Cubicle

Spice up your work space.

Have you just moved into your first office? Ok, so maybe you just have a cramped cubicle or small desk, but it’s still yours. Your desk might be the first thing you see each morning, so why not try to spruce it up a little bit? It doesn’t have to be difficult to add some personality to your work home, and we have some tips to help you do just that.

1. Pictures

Why not get a cute picture frame or collage of your friends and family. That way, when you’re stressed or annoyed with people at work, you can remember those who don’t stress you out and annoy you. If you don’t want to get a frame, why not just tape some pictures around your cubicle walls? Prints are very inexpensive and can be shipped right to your door.


2. Cute Sayings

Do you need some positive quotes or Bible verses to help you get through your hectic day? Why not order a canvas, decal, or word block that you can put on your desk. Be creative with this. Etsy and craft stores are great resources to find cheap and beautifully lettered quotes and sayings.


3. String Lights

If you have a cubicle, why not try to spice up the inside walls with some string lights. You can get cute shapes and colors at Target or Walmart. And, you don’t even have to light them. Try to get ones for every season.


4. Seasonal Decorations

Why not get a little turkey for Thanksgiving, a stuffed Santa Claus, and a small bird for spring? These little trinkets can help you get into the holiday spirit and can be as easy as using a decoration you don’t put up in your house any longer.


5. Flowers

Now I know that having fresh flowers each week can be expensive and time-consuming, but what about trying out some dry flowers? Or some tasteful fake flowers? If you want something on your desk that won’t require a ton of maintenance, why not get yourself a succulent or cactus.


6. Candy

Now be cautious with this one, or you are going to be the one eating all the candy. But why not put a dish on your desk that has candy, breath mints, or any other small packaged food. This is an excellent way to encourage people to talk to you throughout the day and give you an extra rush of energy if you need a small treat throughout the day.


7. Removable Wallpaper

You might have seen a recent trend at your local craft store, to purchase poster sizes of removable wallpaper. These posters can be fun colors, polka dots, or have a more traditional look. The difference is they are easy to put on and peel off, and they are meant just to spice up a particular area, like a child’s play corner or your desk at home. So why not grab some funky removable wallpaper you can put up around your cubicle. You might be surprised by how it can transform your work environment. 


8. Desk Supplies

Get creative with this one. We all know that you can get pencil holders, binders, notebooks, staplers, and note cards almost anywhere, but why not opt for a cuter option? Get a folder holder in your favorite bright color and get a patterned stapler. This will help make your desk feel more like you, and these can be used if you switch jobs or have to work remotely.


9. Coordinate

No matter what you decide to put around your desk or cubicle, make sure that it all works together. Try to bring mugs that match your desk decor and your canvases. Your desk might get quite crowded some days when you are rushing around to get things done; you don’t want your cluttered stuff not to match. 


In conclusion, I hope I opened your mind up to some great ideas and ways you can decorate your office space today. Do you have a picture of your adorable office or cubicle? Post your picture on our Facebook page!


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