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Calling All Adventurous Couples: 9 Honeymoon Destinations for the Thrill Seekers

Maybe you and your honey are THAT couple that went skydiving for their first date. Maybe you and your sweetheart swam with sharks or dolphins on your anniversary trip to the Bahamas. Maybe you both completed a triathlon in Italy together. Or maybe you both have been waiting for the perfect time to pursue some crazy adventure, and your honeymoon is exactly where you want to do it!

Whether you are both old adventurer veterans or are thriller rookies, there are some incredible places across the world, and here at home in the beautiful United States, that are worthy of visiting and discovering on your honeymoon. Maybe you already have a honeymoon destination, but just want to tempt a little bit. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Scroll on for some immaculate photos that would make any adventure seeker drool with envy.


1. Morocco

This could be you, but you probably already have your Florida honeymoon booked, am I right? Morocco, in general, is a beautiful country. With its rich culture, food, and land, it provides the perfect place for a newlyweds to discover new things together. Whether that be riding camels together in the Moroccan sand dunes or trying that weird looking piece of food for dinner together, Morocco is a great place for adventure.


2. Paracas, Peru

Does this not look like the perfect way to spend a romantic evening together? At many places in Paracas, you can rent a tent like this one for the night, or even a few nights. It can’t get much more private than this! Also while in Paracas, discover several boat excursions, taste test in some of the best vineyards, and have fun sandboarading in the sand dunes!


3. Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Your own floating house for the week? That is legit. Enjoy Thailand’s rich cuisine on your front porch while watching the sun set over the waters. Also in Kanchanaburi, explore the Tiger Temple, pay your respects at their infamous war memorial, hop on a safari, visit the Taweechi Elephant Camp, as well as water skiing and jet skiing.


4. The Canadian Rockies

Just look at how stunning that is! Travel to British Columbia in Canada to hike through this jaw dropping mountainous range. Over nine hundred miles long and covering an area of sixty nine thousand square miles, the Canada Rockies provide the ultimate challenge and hike. And while you probably will not cover it all in a week or two (unless you are Usain Bolt), backpacking and tenting this range is great for the mountains lovers.


5. Cape Town, South Africa

What a view, right? Climbing Table Mountain is only one thing on a list of endless options when it comes to discovering Cape Town, South Africa. If you want some adventure other than hiking, but still want a breathtaking view, hop on the next ride of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. Explore their amazing aquarium, shop in the Grand Parade market, walk through the Arderne Gardens, and end the day with some splashing at Boulders Beach.


6. Hayman Island, Australia

This is a smart choice for couples who are adventurous, but still want a relatively peaceful honeymoon. Okay, a very peaceful honeymoon! Enjoy the crystal clear, blue waters, go underwater and discover the fun of snorkeling, enjoy a fishing tour, indulge in fine dining and several different options for cuisine, and relax the night away with golf or tennis, and ending with stargazing. It will definitely be a trip to remember!


7. Quito, Ecuador

No, those are not just any normal mountains! This shot was taken on the Avenue of Volcanoes in Quito, Ecuador. Not only will you get to immerse yourself in the rich Spanish culture, but there are plenty of opportunities to explore! Walk through the Cotopaxi National Park, get your history in for the day with the Quito Cathedral and the Church and Covenant of St. Francis, as well as visit lots and lots of volcanoes!


8. Skaftafell, Iceland

I was seriously was at loss of words when I stumbled upon the pictures of the ice caves in Skaftafell, Iceland. That is totally real. So while ice cave exploring on the glacier tours should definitely be on your list of priorities, other things you can do include the Svartifoss Waterfall, a flying tour with Atlantsflug, and hike Lac Polaire.


9. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey is totally worth the mileage and the airfare. Get the opportunity to fly in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia, sleep in a cave hotel, explore several cave dwellings, learn about the Fairy Chimneys (Google them, because they are so cool!), take a tour of the Derinkuyu underground city, and get lovey dovey with the hike to Sunset Point. Cappadocia is definitely a must for wanderlust lovers.

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