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9 Pregnancy Tips To Help Boost Your Baby’s Brain

Your child’s brain grows more rapidly from the womb through age five than in any other stage of life. Therefore, what you do while pregnant can have as much of an impact on your baby’s brain as what you do after birth. With that being said, here are tips to help boost your baby’s brain while he or she is still in the womb.

Take Your Prenatal Vitamins


Because we don’t always get the necessary vitamins our body needs, a daily vitamin is essential. Buying a prenatal vitamin is a smart choice as it is made with baby formation in mind. However, be careful when choosing your prenatal vitamin. They are not all created equal. Find one that is food based to get more natural vitamins.

Eat Healthy Fats From Natural Foods


Around 60% of the brain and nerves that run the body systems are made of fats. We need healthy fats for healthy brains! Some examples are flax seeds, olive oil, avocado, and walnuts. The foods highest in these healthy fats are foods from which oil can be extracted from.

Eat Only The Best

When I want chocolate it's because I want chocolate and am craving chocolate

It can be hard sometimes to not to eat everything in sight when pregnant, and it can be even harder if you have been craving unhealthy foods. However, what you choose to eat does impact your baby. He/she is growing so much and needs nutritious foods filled with vitamins and minerals. Eating fruits, vegetables, and whole cuts of meat are healthy choices while processed foods are not. Remember that we want to avoid chemicals, which are sadly found in processed foods. Certain foods are known as brain boosters, including sardines, lentils, Greek yogurt, spinach, eggs, nuts, pumpkin seeds, and sweet potatoes.

Interestingly, food cravings are actually a sign that our body is needing something specific.

Drink Your Water!


Drink, drink, and then drink some more water. I know it can be tempting not to drink enough since you already are always rushing to the bathroom. But water is necessary for yourself (always) and your growing baby. Your child needs this water for healthy development. So find a cute water bottle to take with you everywhere and refill all day!



Exercising increases blood flow to all parts of your body, including the baby. The extra blood flow gives a boost to the baby’s development. Some research shows us that exercise may improve your child’s memory and academic skills by up to 40%.

Listen To Music



We’ve all heard that listening to classical music will make babies smarter. While some debate this claim, we do know that music enhances brain function and stimulates the brain in ways that cannot be stimulated from other sources. Studies have shown that musicians have more interconnections in the brain than non-musicians do.

Read/Talk To Your Baby


Language foundations begin early, and babies can hear from 16 weeks on. Around 27 weeks, all the connections from ear to brain are in place. Studies on reading have shown how important reading is to your baby, beginning in the womb. Therefore, reading and talking to your baby will help your baby’s brain! Many people feel odd reading out loud to their baby while pregnant, but babies can actually memorize sounds heard regularly in the womb, thereby boosting his/her brain.

Avoid Chemicals and Dangerous Substances


It is crucial to stay away from dangerous chemicals and substances during pregnancy. The baby experiences exponential growth in the womb and studies have found that babies have been born with chemicals in their systems because of what mom had exposed them to. Harsh chemicals and fragrances can be found in most cleaning supplies and some paint. We live in a chemical filled world, and you simply can’t escape them. But definitely, try to limit your exposure to chemicals while pregnant.

These 9 pregnancy tips should be relatively easy to follow since most of them are the typical tips you receive from your doctor anyway. It can be easy to become obsessed and paranoid about every little thing we do as mothers, so it is important to note that your child will be healthy if you take care of yourself. But why not follow these tips if they have been shown to boost baby’s brains!?

Happy boosting!


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