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9 Reasons Why Marrying Your Best Friend Young is Incredibly Valuable

People either love the idea, or absolutely hate it.

Some think that getting married young is a great idea because you get to do the rest of life with someone, not alone. Some people think that getting married young is a bad idea because you have so much life to live and so much to learn before you are ready to tie down. Many think that getting married young will cause problems later in the marriage, and worse of all, divorce.

But I am here to tell you that getting married young does not at all mean you and your soulmate will end up in divorce. Obviously, I am not a gypsy and I have no knowledge of your future. But there are many reasons why getting married young can actually be more beneficial than getting married later in life. So if you need some encouragement for you and your honey, read on for some reasoning as to why you are not crazy for wanting to tie the knot earlier rather than later.

1. You probably grew up together and have a history together.

Most likely if you marry super, super young, you have grown up with that person or have known them for a long time. This is definitely an advantage because you know every little piece and part of that person’s life. No surprises.

2. You have accountability, 24/7.

There are some in life who really struggle and need someone there by their side to say, “No, you know better” or “Let’s think of a better way to approach the situation”. Having someone to hold you accountable when life gets hard is just what people need.

3. You can build long term future goals, together.

You have all the time in the world to plan life together! You do not have to feel rushed to have kids right away or buy a house. Building long term goals together is just one advantage to marrying someone young because you have time to enjoy each other before you need to meet those goals.

4. By doing the whole marriage thing young together, you prove that there is no age limit or restriction on maturity or “adulting”.

Many people try to pinpoint an age for when someone becomes an adult or is “mature enough”. Some may think this age is eighteen, when someone becomes a legal adult. Or maybe when someone becomes twenty one and can legally drink. But the truth is, there is no age when someone becomes mature or is really an “adult”. So by making this commitment young and proving that you can really stay married to each other and work through things, just shows that maturity has no age requirement.

5. There is a lot less baggage.

Because you are married, you are not out making stupid decisions that you will regret later. You have that person that keeps you grounded. Hopefully being married young means that you do not have to deal with past hurt or mistakes that older couples might have to deal with when they get married.

6. Having babies young is easier on the body. Just saying.

I mean, it is a proven fact. The younger you are, the easier it is to have kids. So if you are ready to get married and ready to have kids, then by all means get married and have some babies.

7. More time to make mistakes and learn from them.

Because you are so young and have a lot of life to live, when you and your other half make mistakes, you  make them earlier on. This is beneficial so when you come across a similar situation in the future, you know the past and what the consequences were. So making mistakes earlier on will help you know what to do in the future when you come across similar problems.

8. Most likely, you will learn the struggles of finances, debt, time management, and careers early on.

Especially for the couples who get married in college or right after graduate school. Because you are getting married at a younger age, you will experience the hardships of paying off school bills, learning how to manage time together (whether you are in school or just graduated), and balancing jobs with your social and family life. Learning these lessons young is a good thing so that when you come across finances or time management issues in the future, you know how to handle them and how to improve.

9. Those crazy and wild “single people” things all of your friends are doing? Yeah, you get to do them with your best friend.

People say “Live life while you can!” and “Don’t get tied down too young!”. People tell you to go crazy while you are single and do all the “fun stuff”. Well, I say “Why not do those things with your best friend?”. Who needs to do all those things single! Go dancing in a club with your spouse. Stay up late watching movies. Go on a shopping spree every once in awhile. If you remember your priorities, you can do all the things that your single friends tell you that you are missing out on with your soulmate.

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