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9 Tell-Tale Signs He’s About To Propose

Time to break out the celebratory wine.

Have you been in a serious relationship for some time now? Maybe you’ve talked about marriage, have friends who are getting engaged, or are just getting suspicious, but you want to know, how can you tell when he’s going to propose?

At OurStart, we have scoured the internet to find you the best tips that you can rely on when determining if wedding bells are in your future. So sit back, relax, and try to squeeze in a manicure, these are the top signs he is getting ready to propose.

You’ve Talked About It

Plain and simple. Now he probably hasn’t come right on out and asked how you want to be proposed to, though hopefully he’s consulted family and friends, but you have talked about marriage together. You’ve had serious discussions about what marriage would look like and if that is something you would both want to commit to. He may have even started alluding to things like, “Well, when we’re married,” or “ For our wedding.”

He Wants To Talk Jewelry

More importantly, your ring size. If he’s asked you what size ring you wear, remember he could just be getting you a nice present, but you also could be in for the ultimate surprise. Because he wants to please you, he might have scoured your Pinterest page or asked you to show him rings you’ve liked.

You Talk About The Future Together

Not quite as significant as talking about marriage in general, but still a great indicator that he wants to keep you around.

He Takes The Reins On Planning For Once

Taking a vacation in the future, going on a night on the town, or to your favorite restaurant? Suddenly, he wants to make sure that he is in control. Which is weird, considering you’re always the one planning things. He might want to make the reservation, plan places for you to visit, or ask you to go out for a “special evening.” And if he surprises you with an extra special night filled with your favorite things, pack your tissues, it’s happening.

He’s Bros With Your Dad

Not that this means he didn’t already get along with your Dad, but all of a sudden they seem oddly close. He might be texting your Dad which he never does or going out to eat with your family without you. These are all great signs.

Your Parents Are NOT Being Subtle

Your parents might just be a little too excited every time you call, or ask you about your plans for your weekend in their “not very coy” voice. They make small comments or hints about it, to your fiance-to-be’s despair, when they’re around you.

The Manicure Is Booked

Now you might just have great family members or friends who want to treat you to a spa day, but, this could also be a sign that the ring is coming. Especially if you are normally a pedicure girl and they rope you into getting a manicure. You’ll appreciate the lengths they took to fool you just so your nails can look their best for the pictures.

Your Boyfriend Is Oddly Secretive

There might be rooms in your apartment that are suddenly off-limits, or he jumps every time you enter a room unexpectedly. He could also be quite nervous, so try not to sweat it if you have a great relationship and can’t figure out why he’s acting so weird, it might be time.

He Is Seriously Penny Pinching

You noticed that he has recently gotten super into budgeting. This could be a great benefit for your relationship even if you aren’t getting engaged. But, he is suddenly urging you to eat out less and has set up a savings account. This could be a good sign that he is saving up money for your ring or your future wedding.

Does he meet all these signs? Congrats! You’ll be engaged before you know it! Feel free to share your engagement stories with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


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