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9 Things You Should NEVER Post On Social Media

We have all heard of those people who have lost their jobs or just failed epically at something they posted on their social media. But as a generation that has virtually grown up on social media, how do we know what things are appropriate and not appropriate to post now that we are gainfully employed? Here are the nine posts that you should never, ever do!

The “Vent” Post

I know that when you have a terrible day or are just fed up with the world, the first thing you want to do is vent to someone about it. But, with many of us using our social media to communicate to friends and family, we might think to log on to our Facebook or Twitter accounts and just write a post about our frustrations. This is bad for several reasons. First, most of your frustrations could be about your current job or the people you work with; nothing looks worse than bashing your company on Facebook. Secondly, it just makes you look like a bitter and harsh person to the hundreds of friends or followers you have that you don’t know super well. Thirdly, it is just immature. We all have those days when we need to vent and need to get some aggression out of our system, but this is not the correct way to handle it. Try forming a vent chat with your closest friends to have when you have these moments, call your mom, or go to the gym to run off some of that steam. You don’t want to be caught venting about your job or boss on social media period. So the next time you log into Facebook, consider if that “vent post” that will make you feel good for five minutes, is worth losing your job.

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The “Overly Sexual” Post

Everyone loves a great perverted joke from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you should be the one encouraging or sharing this kind of behavior. If you find a particularly funny meme or GIF that is not super appropriate, share it directly with a friend via messenger or text. Don’t risk posting it on your page for everyone to see.

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The “Swearing” Post

I know that this might be a huge challenge for those of you out there who are swearing sailors, but swearing is not something that everyone is comfortable with. Think of your profile as the window into your world, do you want to be showing a version of yourself that is “less-than”? If you need to swear, do it in person, over text, over direct messages, but not in a post or in memes that have explicit text. It could be offensive to the other people around you, and not to mention a reason for your boss to be unhappy. Remember that you don’t have to state your every opinion or desire on your Facebook page.

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The “Passive Aggressive” Post

If you are having a feud with a friend, family member, or worse a colleague don’t post about it on social media. This includes saying how someone has been “getting on your nerves” or how someone won’t stop “irritating” you. If you have a genuine problem with someone, you need to address it with them in person, not behind their backs on social media.

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The “Casually Racist Or Sexist” Post

If you find anything that could be construed as sexist, racist, or just offensive in any way to a people group, refrain from posting it. Once again, that is why they have Messenger and ways to DM people on all social media forms. If you’re not sure if something could be offensive, it’s better just not to post it at all.

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The “ Location” Post

Be careful, especially on Facebook, that you don’t post too much on your social media the week leading up to a big trip or vacation. If you’re posting about your whole family going to the beach and your location is on your Facebook page, this is a great way for robbers to target your house or family.

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The “Humble Brag” Post

Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t post to celebrate significant milestones or accomplishments in your life. But when you start posting about that incessantly, it can start to rub people the wrong way. So be careful that you aren’t over-sharing your successes. Yes, it’s great that you got another promotion or 4.0 GPA, but share that with Mom, not the whole world.

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The “Over-Sharing” Post

Social media is a fantastic way to share your life with other people and also be able to keep up with people who live far away. However, this is not your personal diary on the internet. Be careful that you aren’t sharing very personal information on your own Facebook account. No one wants to know that you’re on your period or that you just cleaned your cat’s litter box. Keep it to yourself.

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Be careful not only in what you are posting directly but what you are sharing on other people’s pages and commenting. This is open access for anyone to look at, which means you employer. Don’t just randomly comment something aggressive on someone’s status that you’ve never met; I’m talking to you, political enthusiasts. Don’t mention something negative, racist, sexist, sexual; you name it on someone’s status if you wouldn’t want other people to see it.

I know that social media can make it seem like only your closest friends, and loved ones have access to what you are posting, but that is not the case. Part of growing up is realizing that you can’t continue to behave on your social media the same way that you did in high school. And if you are hoping to keep your job or looking to get a more professional job, it’s essential that your social media is cleaned up. Do you have any tips that we missed? Comment them below!

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