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9 Tips Every Nervous Bride Needs To Hear Before Her Wedding Day

Don’t become the runaway bride.

Even if you’ve felt calm leading up to your wedding day so far, that could all change on the big day.  If you are starting to think about doing what Julia Roberts did in the Runaway Bride,  let’s take a moment to calm down and consider some things that you could try to calm those nerves.

Be Prepared

Nothing helps wedding day jitters more than having preparations finished before the actual day of the wedding.  The more comfortable you feel that everything has been taken care of in advance, the more relaxed you will be.  If you have helpers, make sure to designate those jobs ahead of time.

Arrive Early

Allow plenty of time to get to your wedding destination.  Plan for unexpected traffic ahead of time.  There’s nothing quite as stressful as feeling a ticking clock going as you run late to the church or place you will be getting hitched.  By arriving early, you are giving yourself plenty of time to just breathe and relax a little.


Force yourself to smile if that’s what it takes.  Smiling is going to release those endorphins and will help you to calm down.  Don’t overdue it though or you might get a clenched lock jaw.  But make sure to smile frequently.


If you usually exercise in the morning, your wedding day is not the time to skip your routine.  Exercise can help alleviate anxiety.

Drink Water

The last thing you need is to become dehydrated on your wedding day.  Make sure to drink plenty of water.  Don’t overdue it though or you may be running to the bathroom every 10 minutes.  But make sure you are drinking enough throughout the day.

Visualize the Honeymoon

If thinking about the ceremony and all that has to happen perfectly, is getting you nervous, then visualize the honeymoon.  Think of when the ceremony and reception are all over and it’s just the two of you.  Sometimes it’s good to just remember why you are having this big day in the first place. Think of when you first met your fiance and about what your life will be like together.  That’s why you here in the first place, right?


Take a moment to shake it off.  Dance off the jitters if that’s what it takes.  You may have watched Bloopers of famous actors who mess up when they get too nervous.  And then they mess up their lines again and again.  Or maybe they can’t stop laughing.  They often will just shake it off literally.  By shaking their face or whole body, they can get back into the zone.  If you have a close sister or friend, put on a favorite song and make some memories. It will do wonders for your nerves and you’ll have something to look back on and laugh about.

Get Some Fresh Air

Take a stroll outside.  Fresh air can do wonders for the jitters.  Take a look around.  Look for something beautiful to focus on.  Try to get out of the environment you are in if even for just a few minutes.

Document The Moment

Take a video or photo of what’s going on as the minutes get closer and closer to the start of the ceremony.  If you or your bridesmaids are nervous, well then by all means get it on film.  You’ll have something to look back on and laugh at.  Documenting the big day will also get your mind off the jittery feelings you are having.

Final Thoughts

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous on your wedding day.  You are not alone for sure.  Most brides report feeling at least some bit of tension on their wedding days.  What you do with that tension is going to make all the difference.  If you have a meltdown, that’s ok too.  It’s not the end of the world. Just keep in mind why this is all happening in the first place, and find your happy place again.  Congratulations on getting married!




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