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9 Tips For Using The Bathroom On Your Wedding Day

Your big day. You have been preparing for it for months, and it’s finally here. You’ve got your list checked off from the party favors to your honeymoon trip. But have you planned for perhaps one of the most important events on that wedding day? I’m talking about your bathroom break. Few brides think about it before the time to go sneaks up on them. I know because I was one of them. Before you head out the door on your wedding day to get ready, be sure you know the best ways to use the bathroom in your wedding dress.

Choose The Right Dress

When it’s the moment to pick out the right dress, silhouette and style are things we consider, not whether or not were able to use the bathroom after we’ve put it on. When your shopping, keep this in the back of your mind because surprisingly some designers have kept this in mind when crafting their jaw-dropping dresses. 

If you were to ask any designer about the best way to use the bathroom, some would say that it’s easier using the bathroom with the dress on. Others would say, take the time to take it off and then tend to your business. Whatever method you choose, know that picking the right dress and knowing its functionality will help you if you need to use the potty on the big day.

Bring Along A Buddy… Or Twelve

Maybe it’s a bridesmaid, perhaps even your maid of honor. Whoever it is, one thing is certain. You will need a helper if you need to use the bathroom in your wedding dress. And not just one, you’ll want to aim to get as many helpers as you can. The task of using the bathroom in your wedding dress is challenging enough. Trying to pull it off – literally – without a helper is almost impossible.

Before the big day, make sure to pick someone that you are comfortable with helping you use the bathroom. Once you have your helper squared away, make sure to take some time to practice getting in and out of your dress with them. The better prepared you are, the less stressful the endeavor of using the bathroom on your wedding day will be.

Pack Along A Crochet Hook

If you do want to keep the dress on, then you are going to have to plan how to take it off. If the back of your dress is held together by a strip of cute, but frustratingly difficult little silk covered buttons, then a crochet hook will be your best friend. Not only will it let your lucky helper save her freshly manicured nails from any chipping or scratching, but it will make the process of unbuttoning you move a whole lot quicker. It doesn’t hurt to have your helper practice taking off your wedding dress with a crochet hook days before the actual ceremony.

Bag It

There are several companies like Bridal Buddy that offer some help in this department. You’re still going to need some help, however. There are several products online you can purchase, but if you want to cut corners and still get the same end results, then you will need to get your hands on a trash bag. More specifically, you are going to need an extra large drawstring trash bag for this hack. Cut out the entire bottom of the bag so that there are two holes. Now, you are going to put on the bag under your dress as if it were a skirt.

Make sure that the “waistline” of your trash bag skirt is the part with the drawstring. Next, you’re going to draw the string tight around your waist so that the trash bag doesn’t fall down. When your trash bag skirt is in place underneath your dress, you will need to lift the bottom of your trash bag skirt. The method is to lift under and out over your clothing so that your dress gets stuffed into the trash bag. Now that your dress is successfully stuffed, you can tie the bag around your waist to hold it in place, or you can just hold it with one hand while you take care of your lady duties.

Get Up Close And Personal With The Toilet

If using a trash bag is not quite your style, then try this on for size. This technique will require you to get a little intimate with your toilet on the big day. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking the dress off, then consider sitting on the toilet backward. You will definitely need your helper for this so that she can lift the dress up so no part of it touches the bathroom floor. (Or heaven forbid accidentally goes into the toilet itself). By sitting on the toilet backward, you can have your helper lift the train. By lifting the train, they can hang it up or hold it. This way, it stays dirt free and out of the way while you take your must needed pee-pee.

Bottoms Up!

A tried and true method of navigating out of your wedding dress while in the bathroom is taking off the dress from bottom to top. You are going to need a lot of assistance for this one, especially if your gown is a poofy ball gown or has a long train. Even if your dress is strapless, never get out of your dress by pulling it down and stepping out of it. The risk of it getting dirty, or even wet – eww- is too great. You want to avoid having your dress touch the bathroom floor at all costs.

The best way to do this is by taking it off and stepping out of it. Designate several helpers to work on different parts of the dress. For example, you can have one bridesmaid focus on getting the back loose. You can have another bridesmaid focus on pulling the dress up. While another focuses on not allowing your dress to touch the floor. When you designate duties, you will have less confusion and a smoother yet shorter time answering nature’s call.

A Spacious Stall

Skip the standard size stall and use the handicapped or family stall if one is available. Just be mindful of any guest who will actually need to use the handicapped or family stalls. (In other words, make it a quickie). Your bridesmaids will certainly need the extra space as they work around and maneuver you out of your dress. Be sure that your bathroom is also equipped with hangers just in case you need to hang your dress up. For added protection, consider bringing along an over the door hanger just in case.

Privacy? Forget About It

If you haven’t already, you can kiss a little bit of your privacy goodbye. If you think you can use the bathroom in your wedding dress and hold on to some dignity at the same time, think again. Whether you are surrounded by your best girlfriends or mere acquaintances, know that you will have to be a little shameless on your wedding day. Every bride has done it, and you probably will too, so consider it a rite of passage almost.

Give yourself a week or two to mentally prepare. Your girlfriends will certainly be getting a little up close and personal with you when it comes to using the bathroom. Give yourself some time to come to terms and prepare for this.   Just remember, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. At best, this intrusion of privacy is a necessary evil.

Hold Off On The Water

Yes, you probably already know that you should be getting at least 8 glasses of water a day. However, you might want to hold off on this advice on your wedding day. A sure-fire way to limit your bathroom breaks after you have gotten into your white dress is to limit your fluid intake. However, you do not want to get dehydrated, especially if your dress happens to be a little cozy fitting. Keep a bottle of water at your side and take small sips throughout your wedding day to keep dizziness and fatigue at bay.

I hope that my tips can make going to the bathroom on your wedding day a breeze!

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