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9 Tips To Have The Disney Themed Wedding Of Your Dreams

Are you thinking of having a Disney themed wedding? Disney themed weddings are a newer trend that are becoming very popular. Basically, a Disney themed wedding is a wedding that is themed after certain Disney characters. A Disney themed wedding can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be.

Some people simply serve a Disney themed cake, while others go all out by dressing up as their favorite Disney character. If you are interested in having a Disney themed wedding of your own, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll go over everything you need to know about having a Disney themed wedding. Let’s get started. 

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Which Disney Movie Do You Want Your Wedding To Resemble?

To begin, you must first consider which Disney movie you want your wedding to resemble. Perhaps you want your wedding to be themed after Beauty and the Beast. Or maybe you’ve always loved the movie Tangled.

Frozen is another movie that many couples are theming their weddings after. Even though Frozen doesn’t necessarily have a “Prince Charming” or romance story, it is still easy to have a Frozen-themed wedding. By choosing which Disney movie you want your wedding to resemble, you will have an idea of what kind of decorations you want.

Send Disney Wedding Invitations

Once you have chosen your Disney theme, you will need to send out the invitations for your wedding. You can shop for Disney wedding invitations on Amazon, as well as other wedding stores. These Disney wedding invitations here are designed for a Cinderella themed wedding. On the front, it has a carriage illustrated on it, just like the carriage in the Disney movie “Cinderella”. 

Not having a Cinderella themed wedding? No worries. There are so many other Disney wedding invitations you can order based on other Disney characters. You can also order simple Disney wedding invitations like these that simply have a castle printed on the front of it. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what your wedding theme is. 

Best Disney Wedding Venues

Even though you can have your Disney themed wedding anywhere, it may be fun to go to Disney World itself. Disney World offers many wedding venues that are perfect for your wedding. Click here to learn about the best Disney wedding venues for your destination wedding. 

If you can’t go to Disney World, don’t worry. You can easily plan a Disney themed wedding in your own hometown. To find the perfect location for your Disney themed wedding, consider what kind of Disney wedding you’ll be having. For example, if it is based on the movie “Little Mermaid”, you may want to have your wedding be on a beach. Consider what kind of Disney wedding you’ll be having, and use that theme to choose the perfect Disney wedding venue. 

The Best Disney Wedding Favors

Next, you’ll want to consider what kind of wedding favors you’ll be giving out. There are so many Disney wedding favor ideas to consider using. One of the most popular Disney wedding favors is candy that is shaped like Mickey Mouse. It doesn’t matter what kind of candy you give. If you are wanting to give something that will last longer than candy, consider giving out Disney notebooks, tiara candles, or Disney hand mirrors. 

Use Disney Themed Decorations

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There are so many Disney themed decorations that you can use at your wedding. After you have considered what Disney movie you want your wedding to resemble, you must consider what decorations you want to use. Below are just a few ideas for your Disney themed wedding.

Beauty and the Beast Magic Rose Centerpiece

For a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding, you may want to use magic rose centerpiece. You can shop on Amazon for magic rose centerpieces that look like the magic rose in “Beauty and the Beast”.

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Centerpiece

Ohah 12" x 7" x 12" Gold Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Wedding Wire Centerpiece
  • Size: 12" long x 7" wide x 12" high
  • Opening: 5"x 3"
  • Condition: 100% New.

If you plan on having a Cinderella themed wedding, you may be interested in using pumpkins as the centerpiece. You can simply place a few pumpkins in pots. 

Beauty and the Beast Candelabras

Decorate the reception tables with candelabras that resemble Lumière from “Beauty and the Beast”. Not only will this help make your wedding look like a fairy tale, but the candles will also add a romantic glow to your wedding. 

Disney Themed Aisle Runner

An aisle runner is a long runner that you will walk down the aisle on. You can order an aisle runner that is Disney themed. A Disney themed aisle runner may say something on it, such as “And they lived happily ever after”. You can also have your name and the wedding date written on it. 

Vintage Teapots and Teacups

Do you just love Alice In Wonderland? If so, then you’ll love decorating the reception tables with vintage teapots and teacups. Vintage teapots and teacups also make great escort card holders.

Decorate With Disney Themed Quotes

No products found.

Consider decorating your wedding with signs or frames that have Disney themed quotes on them. The quote, “And they lived happily ever after” is a popular Disney quote. Another popular Disney quote is “Best Day Ever” from the movie Tangled. 

Dress Like A Princess

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Forget the traditional white wedding dress for your Disney themed wedding. Many couples who have a Disney themed wedding choose to dress like the characters in a Disney movie. For example, if you are theming your wedding after “Beauty and the Beast”, consider wearing a yellow gown. Above, you can see what a gown like Belle’s actually looks like (from Amazon).

If you will be having a Frozen themed wedding, you can now order wedding dresses that look just like Elsa’s dress. You can purchase your very own Elsa wedding dress off of Amazon by clicking here

If you still like the thought of a traditional white wedding dress, there is nothing wrong with wearing one at your Disney themed wedding. Many Disney characters wore white dresses at their weddings. However, if you want to look like the Disney character that your wedding is themed after, you’ll want to use the right hairstyle. Look on Pinterest for some inspiring princess hairstyles. 

Don’t Forget Your Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Bislu Flowers One Shoulder Long Prom Party Bridesmaids Dress Burgundy 4
  • Please note: When you order your dress, please check left size image, not size Amazon info link.
  • Fabric: Chiffon and satin,Fully lined, built-in bra in the bodice
  • The back is zipper up, dry clean

Not only will you want to choose a Disney themed wedding dress, but your bridesmaids should wear dresses that resemble Disney characters. The dress above is similar to the dress that Rapunzel wore. This dress from Amazon comes in many different colors. If you want your bridesmaids to wear dresses similar to Belle’s gown, you can simply order this dress in the color yellow instead. There are also many other Disney bridesmaid dresses besides this one.

In addition to having your bridesmaids dress up as Disney characters, you may also want their hairstyles to be like the characters they are dressed up like. Once again, do some research on Pinterest or on the internet for some inspiring Disney hairstyles. 

Shop For Disney Themed Flower Girl Dresses

Shiny Toddler Little Girls Embroidered Beaded Flower Girl Birthday Party Dress with Petticoat 5t to 6t(Tag120),Golden
  • We Have Made Improvements already. The dress is now Ankle Length. If you like the length and the puffy dress like the picture, you can keep it as it is. If you need the length to be longer and don't like the petticoat, Just take out the Petticoat(Soft Metal Ring) underneath the dress. Then the Dress can be Longer.
  • Every dress will be compare with one Petticoat underneath the dress,We will Send it for you FOR FREE. The petticoat is one Soft Metal Ring,which is sew into the skirt,which can make the dress puffy like the picture.If you don't like the petticoat,you can just take it out
  • On the Petticoat,there will have one 2.75" open in Back,not the problem of work,just to be easily removed or added hoops

In addition to your wedding dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses, you’ll also need to shop for Disney flower girl dresses. There are so many options available. You can purchase dresses that are designed to resemble Cinderella, Belle, and many other princesses. As I mentioned earlier in this article, choose ahead of time what you want your wedding to be themed after. 

Just like with your bridesmaids, you may be interested in having your flower girl have a hairstyle that resembles a certain princess. You can find some inspiring Disney hairstyles here

Disney Wedding Cakes To Try

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There are so many ideas for serving a Disney themed wedding cake. Disney wedding cakes come in so many different forms. You can use cake toppers to decorate your cake, or you can use frosting to decorate your cake.

There are also so many Disney themes you can use to decorate your wedding cake. Perhaps you want a wedding cake decorated to look like a castle. Or maybe you want a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse themed wedding cake. The ideas are endless. 

Final Thoughts On Having A Disney Themed Wedding

Well, there you have it. A complete guide to having a Disney themed wedding. As you can see, the ideas for having a Disney themed wedding are endless. Although planning for a Disney themed wedding may seem stressful, it doesn’t have to be.

Remember that this is your special day. Decorate your Disney themed wedding in the way that you desire. If you’ve always loved Mickey and Minni Mouse, decorate your wedding in that theme.

Or if you prefer the newer Disney movies such as Frozen, then use them as your Disney wedding decor. And if you want to combine all of your favorite Disney characters into your wedding, then go ahead and do it! The ideas are endless for having a Disney themed wedding. Let your imagination run wild when planning your Disney themed wedding.

If you want to, you may want to dress up as your favorite Disney character. This is a newer trend that many brides are doing. You can purchase Disney wedding dresses from almost anywhere, including Amazon.

You may also want your bridesmaids and flower girl to dress up in Disney outfits. This isn’t necessary, but it makes your wedding much more Disney themed. Whatever you do, I’m sure your Disney themed wedding will be a success. Have fun!

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