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9 Unique Ways To Preserve Your Child’s Art Projects

Art made by your own child is a keepsake that can be cherished not only now, but for many years to come.  I’ve put together some ideas in today’s article of what you can do with all of that artwork.

Frame Them


An easy way to display your child’s artwork is to frame it.  Some people have one wall reserved for art, while others choose to fill their whole home with their child’s drawings. Once in a while, you might want to rotate the drawings so that the room has a refreshed look.

Make a Book


Keeping a book of all of the art that your child has drawn over the years can be a prized possession.  In the future, your child may enjoy looking at the art that he or she once created.  Nowadays, there are apps out there that can quickly create a book just by photographing them on your smartphone and clicking print.

Photograph Them


If your child’s art is piling up by the minute, but you can’t bring yourself to throw them away, you may want to consider photographing them.  Although it still takes up space, it won’t take up physical space.  That way, if you ever want to see them again, you can print them out and have the artwork that looks just like the original one.

Have Them Made Into Cards


The next time that you need to give somebody a card, why not use one that has your child’s art on it?  Thank you cards, get well cards, you’re welcome cards, or birthday cards are just a few ideas.  You can also make cards for the holidays.  If your child has made a picture of Christmas time, then you may want to use this as part of your Christmas card.

Store Them In Boxes


For now, you may want to store some of your child’s artwork in boxes or bins.  Although it may seem foolish to store your child’s art in a place where it won’t be seen, one day you can look through it and enjoy the fun memories.  If you want to share your child’s artwork with people now, then bring out the box when friends or family visit.

Send Them To Family Members


If your house is overflowing with your child’s art, then it may be time to send them on to somebody else.  Keep in mind to whom you send it to, in case you ever want the picture back.  Make sure that you send it to somebody who will treasure it, and won’t just throw it away.  If you are going to be sending a lot of drawings, then you may want to consider sending a book of the art instead.  That way it won’t clutter up somebody’s house, and it will be a treasured item.

Make a T-Shirt


A nice thing to do with your child’s art is to make a t-shirt out of it.  That way you can throw away the drawing without feeling bad about not saving it.  Your child will feel proud wearing a t-shirt that he helped create, and the t-shirts can also make great gifts for friends.

Have the Art Copied Onto A Mug


Just like the t-shirt idea, making a mug with your child’s art on it can become treasured items in the house.  They also make great gifts.  By making mugs out of them, the pictures become even more valuable.  Stores like Walmart can take any photo and have it put on a mug for a small fee.

Make a DIY Frame Wallpaper


If you have a creative child, then you will need some space for drawings.  But instead of finding a place for the art, you can have your child draw directly on the wall.  Trust me; it’s not as bad as it sounds.  What you will need is white butcher paper, masking tape, and a marker.  All you need to do is tape the paper on the wall with the masking tape, and draw some frames on the paper with the marker.  The next time your child wants to draw, have them draw on the wallpaper in the “frames.”


I’ve gone over just some of my favorite ways to preserve your child’s art and also to display it.  The most precious thing about art made by a child is that is unique to them.  There will never be a piece of art exactly like the ones that your child produces.  Enjoy it when it’s new and then treasure it forever by displaying it.  It can be a conversation piece for many years to come.

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