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8 Tips For Picking Outfits For Back To School

Make the outfit more than a photo opportunity.

As children go back to school, they are going to need new clothes, often almost a whole new wardrobe with their growing bodies and the changing of seasons. It’s fun to dress your child both for fashion and for comfort and warmth.  There are so many options and styles out there that it can be overwhelming, but the good thing is that if you follow a few ground rules, you really can’t go wrong. I’ve given some suggestions here of things to consider when picking out those back to school outfits.


Keep an eye out for deals.  This time of year, stores are competing for your business.  Watch local ads both on the internet and in the stores.  Make sure to check the clearance racks.  Often clearance racks are in a different section of the store.  At my local mall, the clearance racks are at the front, but in many stores, they are in the back.   I’ve bought many cute shirts and pants for my daughter for $1 that were previously marked up to $10-$15. However, this might mean buying last season’s clothes, so plan ahead.  Buy clothes much larger than they need now and put it in a safe place until next year.  eBay can also be a great place to find deals.  Why not try your local thrift store or salvation army that may have some cute clothes that are fashionable and like new.


Look for High-Quality Fabrics

Kids are experts at wearing out those knee sections of pants and the elbows on shirts.  Finding good quality material does not mean it has to be expensive.  Examine each piece you may buy and look for those areas that your active child will wear out first. Feel the fabric and hold it up to the light.  If it looks flimsy, chances are you will be replacing it soon. Make sure buttons are on tight and not hanging loosely. Go for durable fabric.  Strong doesn’t necessarily mean thick, but it should be tightly woven together.  Also, try to choose clothes that won’t show stains as readily.



Choose clothes that are soft to the touch.  Though that dress may look adorable, if it has itchy or rough edges, your daughter will be distracted throughout the day.  We all like comfy clothes, and you’ll especially want to shop for comfort for those soft and delicate young skins.



Most kids can fit into clothes that are slightly bigger than they need when purchasing. When possible,  try to buy clothes just a tad larger than their growing body.  Also, check those pants for adjustable waist bands.  Many bands are attached with buttons which makes it easier to adjust as their size increases.


Easy On, Easy Off

Buy clothes that are easy to take off and put on.  Your child may be at an age when they are getting dressed by themselves.  Let’s not make this harder than it has to be with buttons in the back.  By buying easy on and easy off clothes, you are giving your child the chance to have a little independence.  You may even want them to start picking out their own clothes.  This is a personal topic that some moms would say absolutely not to, while some may be ok with mismatched clothes. You get to decide, but whatever you choose, be careful with buying clothes that take forever to take off and on.


Child Preferences

Taking your child’s preference into account is good. They will be the ones wearing the outfits, and you will want them to feel confident on that first day.  Keep in mind that some kids are going into a new and strange environment with starting school for the first time. You will want to make sure that they feel good about what they have on. Chances are, with so many outfits to choose from; you can find enough choices that you both like.


When in Doubt, Go for the Basics

You can’t go wrong with comfy jeans and a button up shirt for boys or girls,  and a simple cotton dress with comfy tights for girls.  The basics never go out of style, and you can even resell them or give them away to another mom when your child outgrows them.


Make It Fun

With so many outfits to choose from, don’t let the task overwhelm you. Take your child with you and have fun with picking out those back to school clothes together.  I hope this advice helped a little for when you head out to bring home those adorable outfits.


If you are struggling with having your kids back at school, check out this article. 

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