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7 Times Alcohol Becomes Necessary to Survive Wedding Planning

Even if you follow all the correct guidelines and do all the right things, at some point in the wedding planning process, you can expect to experience a bit of stress. As this is almost inevitable, prepare yourself. Set aside the checklists for a minute, turn off your computer, and lay down your craft supplies. Brace yourself by restocking your alcohol supply. Below are 7 situations when you and your fiancé will deserve, and probably need, a stiff drink in order to survive.

1. When family comes to town

alcohol and wedding planning

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Family is great and can become all the more dear during wedding season. Due to their love for you, the excitement of this group of people can easily add to your stress. They mean well, they really do. But having extra bodies around your house and life during the wedding planning process can actually make the experience more difficult. As great aunts and second cousins stream through your front door, you may want to pour yourself a drink.

2. When emotions take over

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You’re getting married! It’s an exciting time and emotions can easily run wild. While you should enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience and all the happy emotions that come with it, it is often difficult to maintain control over your feelings, in general. When emotions start to take over during the wedding planning process and you start crying while discussing napkins, you know it’s time. Forget the glass, just grab the bottle.

3. When conflicting opinions arise

With wedding planning comes a lot of decisions, endless decisions – it’s literally a bunch of decisions. Most decisions have two opposing views and it may quickly feel as though everyone lies on opposite ends of the spectrum for every decision. While more advisors can help you out a lot with the leg work of wedding planning, they also generate more input, more viewpoints to consider, and more people to potentially offend. Right when you feel the tension begin to kick in, enter alcohol. Likely the other members of your wedding planning party will also be aware of the hostility and will be more than ready for a stiff drink.

4. When someone cancels

alcohol while wedding planning

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It doesn’t matter who it is. It could be your baker, your caterer, your singer, or your officiant. It doesn’t matter how it happens. It could be out of anger, spite, illness, or overbooking. No matter the specifics of the circumstance you have one option that will never cancel on you: alcohol.

5. When your bridesmaids ask for plus-ones

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Plus-ones are tricky. Weddings are expensive as it is and every added guest significantly increases your expenses and dries up your budget. The decision to not allow for plus-ones is a wise one in the name of finances, but it can be a difficult conversation to have with your friends. Many people are intimidated by the possibility of attending a wedding solo. Weddings often lead to awkward meetings for guests, run ins with ex-boyfriends, old friends, and other unexpected individuals. Therefore, your friends or bridesmaids may ask if they can bring plus-ones. If it is really not in the budget, sit them down, hand them a glass of wine, and ride out this wedding planning struggle.

6. When people don’t RSVP on time

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You’ve meticulously selected your guest list. You’ve whittled down the number to your closest friends and family. You’re excited about celebrating with these loved ones. You sent out the invitations; the RSVP date has come and passed. And you still haven’t heard from a handful of the people you invited — no confirmation of their attendance, no unfortunate declination, nothing. You will need to contact these people in order to finalize numbers for certain aspects of the wedding planning process. But before you do, take a deep breath and take a shot or two.

7. When Your DIY Projects Flop

wedding DIY fail

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Selecting a couple signs, decorations, or more to make yourself can save a lot of money and be a fun activity to do with your bridal party or betrothed. But the supplies for DIY crafts are still not cheap, so you do not have much wiggle room for errors. After working on wedding invitations for hours you may realize that the product looks a little more shabby than chic. If your glitter or sparkly pen got a little out of hand and you are left with a crafty mess, you deserve a drink. No shame, fill that water bottle with vodka and start sipping away in the midst of your craft-store explosion.

Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed when your wedding planning process doesn’t go as smoothly as you hoped. Glitches and bumps are inevitable. Except this, prepare yourself mentally, and make sure your alcohol supply is fully stocked before you start the process.

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