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Check Out These Alternative Ring Options!

Looking for a way to break the engagement ring mold? By buying an engagement ring without the diamond, not only will it be way cheaper, but it will also look and feel cooler. These engagement ring ideas are one of a kind and will be sure to fit your style.

The Claddagh Ring

claddagh ring


The claddagh ring is full of celtic history in both its design and meaning. In the ring you will be able to distinguish three parts; the heart, the hands, and the crown. The heart stands for love, the hands stand for friendship, and the crown stands for loyalty. The placement of the ring also plays an important role, when engaged, place the claddagh on your left ring finger with the crown facing inwards, and then once you are married you can turn the crown around to face outwards. The claddagh ring is a beautiful choice of engagement ring that is full of meaning and history, just like you and your fiance.


A Birthstone Ring

Turquoise Ring


A birthstone engagement ring is a great alternative to the classic engagement ring. Although a diamond is a birthstone, this is still a great, simple way to display a stone that means something to you. There are plenty of ring designs out there to match your personal style and that will be to your liking. If you make the choice of getting a ring with both your birthstone and your fiance’s, you will not be disappointed because it is representing the blending of both of your lives and souls.




A Pearl Ring

pearl ring


A classy pearl ring is the perfect choice for the elegant bride. It will match everything that is in your closet and be a classic, timeless choice in ring. There are different routes you can go on in search of the perfect pearl in your ring. Examples of these pearls include Freshwater, Akoya, and Gold South Sea. These pearls all have a different color variation and are sure to last a lifetime.




A Lover’s Knot Ring

knot ring


This lover’s knot ring is the perfect addition to your ring finger. You will actually tie the knot with your husband when this unique and special ring is placed on your finger. Not only is it cool to look at, but it is also a sturdy ring that can last for ages. You also do not have to worry about getting your gemstone polished after every couple of years. The lover’s knot is a direct symbol of the vows and promises you and your partner have made to one another.




A Moonstone Ring

moonstone ring


Although it has a diamond-like appearance, a moonstone is very different. It has a cloudy look to it and is believed to be a tangible connection to the moon. It is a very mysterious stone that gives an aura of magic and beauty wherever it is. This a gorgeous choice in wedding ring because of the natural elegance and charm. Often referenced as a gift of passion from one lover to another, what better rock to have on your finger than this fine gem?





A Pyrite Ring

pyrite ring


This trendy choice of ring is for the fashion-forward bride who loves to stand out and take chances. This chance of stone is a worthwhile one to take because of its quality and uniqueness. By combining pyrite with a beautiful rose gold band, the outcome is breath-taking. It is the definition of lovely and will be sure to stand out when you wear it on your finger. This natural occurring mineral,which is also known as fools gold, will be sure to fool you into its entrancing beauty and style.




No matter which ring you choose, your ring will definitely be unique because it veers off of the traditional choice of engagement and wedding ring. Express your individualism in your ring and you will be sure to love it forever. Your ring will never go out of fashion as long as you stay true to your own style and personality when choosing it.

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