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Alternatives to Throwing Rice That Will Save Your Life

The age old tradition of throwing rice as the bride and groom exit the church is slowly becoming outdated. We can say that it is becoming outdated because weddings are more diverse than they were in the past, but we are going to go with the fact that getting rice thrown at you hurts. This tradition is slowly becoming substituted with other alternatives to rice which makes for fun photographs and memories. Here are some rice alternatives that brides have been using that have had great outcomes!


Confetti is an awesome alternative to rice because it is softer and you can get it in any color you want. You can choose two simple colors that go with your wedding theme or get a rainbow of colors to create a fun vibe to your big day. Confetti is also great for photos because of how nicely it contrasts to whatever background is behind it, especially if you are using rainbow confetti or silver confetti. Using this instead of rice will add a bright and fun touch to your wedding photos.


Have your guests light your path with sparkler on the night of your wedding. This breath-taking event will lead you and your spouse into a life that is bright and full of wonder. This modern twist on throwing rice is great if your wedding ceremony or wedding reception is at night and takes place outside. I do not thing that the hotel wedding venue would appreciate having a possible fire hazard inside of their ballroom. The photos that result from such a beautiful moment will be breath-taking and will be able to take you guys back to this very special time on your wedding day.


Sparkle in more ways than one on your wedding day by having glitter everywhere. This rice alternative is an easy replacement because you simple put glitter in bags and give it to your guests to throw as you and your new husband walk down the aisle after saying your vows. Glitter is pretty and even if it gets stuck on your dress or in your hair, it will probably end up making it look even better. This fun component of your wedding will be a crowd pleaser and ensure that your guests will have a ball the rest of the night.

Flower Petals

Using flowers instead of rice is an easy way to add a romantic feel to your wedding, as if it isn’t already romantic enough. The soft petals will caress you and your husband as you start your life together as a married couple. You can order flower petals in many different arrangements that allow you to get only petals from one kind of flower or a variety of flower petals. Flower petals add a whimsical touch to your wedding and the wedding that you and your guests experience.


As long as you don’t catch any of the bubbles in your eyes and don’t have soap ruin your wedding makeup. this wedding rice alternative is one for the books. Adding a playful element to your wedding, such as bubbles, is a great way to include guests of all ages on your wedding day. Both kids and adults love bubbles, so why not incorporate them in your wedding? Everyone will be having fun when you make the decision to give guests bubbles to blow while you are escorted down the aisle by the love of your life.

Pom Poms

Pom poms are probably the best things to ever get thrown at you, they are soft, squishy, and don’t make too much of a mess. They also come in a variety of colors and styles which makes this rice alternative even better! Your photos will be full of color and playfulness with these fun pom poms. Your wedding will stand out from all the rest with this creative way to be escorted down the aisle by your guests.

Letting go of tradition can be hard, by changing and altering it a little bit to reflect your wedding more, you do not have to worry about neglecting tradition altogether. You might even be starting a new one! Replacing rice with other soft, fun alternatives can add glitz and creativity  to your big day.

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