Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump Product Review

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This pump was designed with separate speed and suction settings to boost milk flow and comfort.  It features 3 of the breast flange sizes that are used most often by women.  The pump comes with a faux leather tote bag and a carry tote. The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump has three power source options.  The sources are a AC adapter (included), 6 AA batteries (not included), and a car adapter (included).

This pump weighs 7.1 pounds and is BPA-Free.  The dimensions are 18.5 x 8 x 11 inches. This is definitely not a lightweight pump that you can discreetly throw in your purse.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Storage
  • Tote Bag
  • Carry Tote
Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump
  • Separate speed and suction settings boost milk flow and comfort.
  • The Purely Yours Ultra features 3 of the most commonly-needed breast flange sizes. Ameda's CustomFit Flange SystemTM makes it easy to find a good breast flange fit by offering seven breast flange sizes.
  • The Purely Yours Ultra comes with a stylish, faux leather tote bag and a Cool 'N Carry Tote.

As of this writing, there were only 8 customer reviews and 4 answered questions on Amazon.  This is not a lot to go on, but let's take a look what the people who bought and used this pump said about it.


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This is one of the higher priced pumps.  But keep in mind that you get a lot of extras with it that not all of the other breast pumps include.  One happy customer had this to say about all what was included, 

"It's a good pump. I got it because my insurance paid for the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra (PYU) with all of the extras included, whereas with the Medela Pump in Style Advanced (PISA), it was just the basics. I like that about it. It came with a car charger, multiple flange sizes, tote bag, cold pack, and extra bottle storage. I love that the pump takes AA batteries, although the battery life is extremely short -- the pump really taxes those AAs! It's lightweight, and when the batteries are at full charge, portable."

Another mom was not so happy about the price that she paid for how long it worked.  She said,

"Lost suction before the third month. There was no way to fix it. Had to get a manual pump and that worked well, but eventually went with Medela and I'm happy with my new pump. For the price of this Ameda, one would think it would last longer than 90 days."


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Women who pump, sometimes have a lot to say about the comfort level of breast pumps. Bad experiences especially are shared so that other women can be warned. Fortunately for the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump there was only one woman who commented on the comfort level.  It was a positive comment.  She said,

"The adjustable suction was great and the flanges were comfortable."


The photo shows that this pump comes with 6 storage bottles.  Customers were pleased with the extra bottles.  It also comes with an insulated tote so that you can keep the breast milk cool.  


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Not all the women who used this pump were disappointed.  It had mixed scores on durability.  One woman had this to say,

"At 7 months the motor went out in the Medela, and I've now hit 7 months with my Ameda. The motor is still going strong.  All in all the Ameda has been wonderful. We have not had to use any formula with this baby! I've been able to pump to meet his needs.Keep in mind, every woman is different, and she will respond differently to each pump. Just because one says a particular brand doesn't work well for her, doesn't mean it won't work well for you. It's trial and error ladies. It's sucks, but it's the truth."

Another woman was not so happy with the durability. She had this to say,

"Got this pump with my first baby trying to save money, and never again. This pump always need valves replaced and I couldn't just go to any store and get replacement parts, most did not even sale this brand in my area. Yes they will ship them to you for a ridiculous shipping fee."


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Efficiency got mixed reviews as did the other topics.  Really, there just weren't many reviews or questions about this pump.  One mom did have this to say though about the amount of milk output she was getting with this pump,

"I would get maybe 6 oz with the Medela, and I'm getting 22 oz with Ameda."

My Conclusion 

This breast pump purchase is a little risky if you go on what people who bought it had to say.  Some did like it and some didn't.  There just weren't a a lot of comments or questions, unfortunately.  It seems like it would be powerful enough and have all the extras.  It could be a great pump for the mom who will be pumping full time.  I liked the storage bag and tote bag.  Those features make it nice for the woman on the go.  But it's not going to be one of those little pumps that you can just throw in your purse or gym bag.  At 7.1 pounds, this pump is on the heavy side for transporting.  Overall, I hope that this review helps you to determine if the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump is the right breast pump for you. 

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