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Antique Getaway Cars That Made the Wedding

Hopping into an antique getaway car is one of the classiest ways to make a grand exit after your ceremony or reception. An antique car that is well fixed up is a gorgeous to look at and fun to drive, so instead of the classic limo, think of taking a more traditional approach to your getaway car. Here are some couples that made the decision to have an antique getaway car on their wedding day and the end results are fabulous.

1948 Rolls-Royce

This classic choice in antique getaway car is a gorgeous alternative to the run-of-the-mill limo. Rolls-Royces are known for their high-class and perfect cars, especially their antique ones. Get a timeless car that will match your timeless day by investing in this eye candy.





Ol’ Chevy

If your wedding is planned to be more relaxed and southern, then getting a great old Chevy as your getaway car is very fitting. It is a lot less expensive than a Rolls-Royce and will better fit and compliment your wedding theme! Customizing it with decorations will make this getaway car even more special and classic!








Classic Convertible

Feel the wind in your hair as you make you exit in a classic convertible. Convertibles are a staple in the car industry because of how fun they are to ride and drive in, what better car to make you getaway in? An antique convertible will not only be super entertaining to drive away in, but it will also make you look super good while doing it!








Cute Bug

The absolute cutest of all getaway car options is an antique VW Bug.  The VW Bug is a first-class choice in getaway car because of all of the varieties there are out there! They come in any color and can even have a convertible top. Make you exit a win with this fantastic choice in antique car!






Antique Ford

If you and your fiancé are real history junkies, or just have taste for the finer things in life, an antique ford is a perfect fit to make your great escape in. Coming in white or black, an old Ford will take you back in time when posing for your wedding photographs. Have fun in this top-of-the-line car on your top-of-the-line day!





VW Van

If you and your fiancé want to road trip after the ceremony, plan on renting one of these babies! The VW Van is a adorable and fashionable way to travel cross country with your new spouse. With plenty of room for the two of you, this choice of antique getaway car is full of opportunity for fun, and all of  your suitcases.




All of these getaway cars are the icing on the cake for your great getaway. By choosing a beautiful, antique car to leave the ceremony and reception in, you will ride in style and also great breath-taking pictures. Get a car that will take your breath away when deciding how to exit your wedding day.


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