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Artsy Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos at Home

A few weeks after your wedding is over, you will probably be flooded with thousands of photos from your photography of you and your new husband. They are all going to be beautiful and perfect and now you have the job of just selecting a couple to put in your photo album and picking your favorites to place in your home in a sparkly new frame. Here are some fun ways of arranging and displaying your new, glossy wedding photos in your new home.

In a 3 Part Series

By showing your photos on three separate canvases, you will be able to put together photos that blend together seamlessly. Another cool aspect of this display is that you could choose one photo and split it into thirds and then simply put each third on one canvas. You can put your wedding photos anywhere with this method and you are guaranteed to get compliments by every guests that lays their eyes on your breath-taking wedding photographs. Display your photos in a classy and trendy way in this three part series.

Photographs and Wall Art

By designating a way completely to your wedding photos and wall art, your pictures will get the adoration and attention that they deserve. Including wall art with your photography will add a new element and feel to them as a whole. Adding this additional dimension will lead to a higher level of visual interest and magnetism, this will immediately draw anyones attention to this wall dedicated to the love shared between you and your hubby. Not only is it fun to look at but it is also fun to shop for all of the different types of wall art and picture frames.

In a Window

In every group of photographs that are sent to you by your wedding photographer, there is always that one that stands out from all of the most. The picture that shows all of the feelings that you were experiencing that day and that captured perfectly the genuine love between you and your spouse. Framing this special photo in a one-of a-kind frame will monument it in your home for life. A fun way to frame this great picture is in an old window frame. It has a modern, rustic vibe to it that is sure to compliment any type of decorations that you have in your house.

Timeless Clock

Let your timeless photos help tell time with this creative way to display your wedding photographs. Choose twelve of your favorite picture of you and your spouse and place them in a circle around a dial. This is a super creative way to display your wedding photos and it also incorporates them in your everyday life. So next time your husband asks you what time it is you can replace “its three o’clock” with “its our first dance”. This will spice up your life and make for some great, new wall art in your home.






Get Crafty

If you are one who is into crafty DIYs that include sewing, knitting, painting, or all of the above, then making a quilt is right up your alley. Imprint some of your favorite photos onto  fabric to create a unique quilt that is truly one-of-a-kind and could have the potential to be a family heirloom. By sewing your wedding photos onto a quilt, you will be reminded of your love for your spouse every time you cuddle up in this warm blanket. When choosing this option of wedding photo display, you will be able to pick multiple wedding photos to fill up the squares that make up your special quilt.





Printed on Wood

Have your love engraved in wood with this creative way to display your favorite wedding photo. This can be a fun bonding opportunity because of all of the DIY articles and pins on Pinterest that teach you how to print on wood. This is one of the cheaper options because of its ability to be made with very little materials. Impress all of your friends with your craftiness and imagination with this cool wedding photo display.





Getting creative and original with the way you display your wedding photos around your home will give them the attention they deserve. Displaying them this way will create a huge amount of visual interest that will make it close to impossible to walk by them without actually looking at them. By creating a one-of-a-kind display, you can create a family heirloom to pass down for generations to come.

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