Your Love Is Written In The Stars: An Astronomy Themed Wedding

Awesome spiral galaxy many light years far from the Earth. Elements furnished by NASA
You have an epic love story. The kind of romance that is written in the stars for all to see. Let the night sky guide you to a romantic, star-filled, wedding theme. What better way to show that love than with an astronomy themed wedding! Here is a how-to guide to achieve the unthinkable; A wonderfully creative and simple wedding featuring astronomy.

What Is Astronomy?

Astronomy is the study of all heavenly bodies, like stars, planets, and comets. What does that mean for your wedding? It means twinkling stars, dreamy constellations, and mysterious galaxies. In a word, your astronomy-themed wedding is going to be epic.



No nuptials that are centered around the heavens themselves would be complete without a major touch of glam. This is when your guests will get their first touch of stardust, so let’s wow them!


Deep blue creates the perfect, classic backdrop. We want something that is as textured and mysterious as the night sky herself. Using something with a water color background can really give the affect of the night-sky without being harsh.

On top of that beautiful, classic background, it’s time to let the stars really shine. Metallic silver, bright white or light blue will be breathtaking. However, if you want to go for a bit of a twist and for just a touch of vintage charm, why not go for gold or bronze?

Finally, and I cannot stress this enough, you have to add your own unique touch. The possibilities are as endless as the stars in the sky, don’t settle for ordinary. It doesn’t get much more unique than an unexpected shape. A circle fits well into a regular envelope but is still a super unique presentation.


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The night sky is full of contradictions: light and dark, ice and heat, beauty and danger. Your decorations should follow their lead; Start with classic and hit with unexpected moments of glitter and whimsy.

For your colors choose one dark, cool tone as your base. Think navy blue or royal purple. If you’re feeling particularly sassy, go with black. It’s a classic for a reason.

Feel free to add a secondary dark color to swirl in with the first. If you have purple, go with a dark blue or deep pink.

Just like with your invites, throw a splash of something bright on top of the dark. This color is your stars, your constellations, and planets. Think in terms of metallic or glitter. I highly recommend silver, platinum, bronze, gold or pearl to make your stars pop!

Play with the contrasts in your textures as well. Use your dark color with a luxurious fabric tied to your chairs or draped across your tables and then accent with small, star-shaped accents cut from a corresponding metal or a splash of glitter that complements each other well.

Above all, do not neglect your romantic lights. Let cafe lights or strategically placed projections be the heavenly bodies at your ceremony and reception. If you want to go a little more simple, consider using tea-lights.


With an astronomy theme, it’s okay to lean hard on the romance when it comes to dressing the bridal party.

For men, you can’t go wrong with a navy blue suit. It’s classic, romantic, and looks good on just about everyone. If you are using purple as your dark galaxy color, consider a dark gray suit and use your purple in the accent pieces.

For ladies, think long dresses in dark colors and heavier fabrics accented by small, light colored bouquets. Imagine your bridal party is the night sky and their bouquets are the stars. To take the illusion even further, consider using pomander style bouquets.

Typically, most of us shy away from thinking of ourselves as the center of the galaxy, but in this case, you get to make an exception. Against the backdrop of dark, rich colors, you will stand out beautifully in your white gown. Consider finding a gown that has an elegant accent in your secondary, metallic color to give just that little bit of contrast.


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At the end of the night, give your guests a bit of starlight to take home with them. The glittery memory is sure to stick with them long after the magical night has finished.

Something sweet is always a good choice. Hand out small boxes that contain candies covered in edible glitter. Small wrapped candies, white chocolate strawberries, or glitter covered cupcakes would also make for a sweet surprise.

If you are a DIY bride, consider adding some glitter to small bottles of wine or sparkling cider. Not only are the bottles beautiful, but guests will get to enjoy a small secondary celebration when they open the favors later.

No matter how you portray your astronomy themed wedding, you’ll have a wedding as magical and mystical as the night sky. Think about your colors, be sure they complement each other as you wouldn’t want a negative contrast! Write your love in the stars exactly as you wish, your wedding will be your own constellation, pure and beautiful! How will you complete your astronomy themed wedding?


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