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Author: Kayla Rigler

Taco-bout Awesome! A Whole New Meaning To Taco Tuesday!

So more than likely you have heard that weddings run anywhere from a minimum of $20,000 to $30,000 nowadays. That is crazy. That price includes pretty much everything including all your major stuff for your wedding planning needs. A lot of the time brides will space out their spending so it doesn’t seem like much but in the end, you’re more than likely broke. This makes it even harder when you’re looking for a wedding venue or location. But could you imagine only paying $600 for a wedding and having a pretty great venue? Everything included, including your first...

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The Wedding Is Over… What Do You Do With Your Wedding Decor?

You’ve spent countless of dollars on decor, attire, food, photography, and favors. There are probably multiple items that you have purchased that you will never use again. Multiple items that will get used every day. Maybe some items that you won’t even bother with once the big day is over with. The great thing about planning your own wedding? You’ve probably stayed true to your own personal style. So more than likely the items that you’ve purchased will be great for use in your home later on… But what can you do with the decor that you have used...

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Looking for “Wedding Venues Near Me”? Stop What You’re Doing and Read This!

The search is on… The search for a wedding venue, that is… You’ve already done the search for the groom. You’ve may have searched far and wide or maybe you didn’t have to search at all. Lucky you and congratulations to you both! This is an exciting, stressful, and fun time for you both! Don’t just think that you are going to find the right and perfect wedding venue by searching the internet… More than likely, you will have to go out and actually view the venues, but when you do, make sure that you take this guide with...

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Save Some Time and Plan Your Wedding Before You Get The Bling

So, you’re anxious? You’re excited? Yeah… I would be too if I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams… Falling in true-can’t-eat-can’t-sleep-love is one of the most amazing things to have happen in anyone’s lifetime and surely it is understandable when you want to get a jump start on the planning of the rest of your life. Decide On An Acceptable Budget With any event you will want to consider a budget. Just because you may not be planning your wedding in the traditional sense, doesn’t mean that you can’t...

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Flowers Are So Last Season… Check Out These Awesome Alternatives!

Do you know what the average cost of wedding flowers are? $2100. Yeah… Tell me about it! That’s a mere arm in cost. But I mean really… Have you ever thought about it? You’re paying all that money for something that dies. If you’re the bride, you won’t even be able to enjoy them, because you’ll be so busy at your wedding ceremony and your reception it will be a blur. Then you’ll more than likely leave right from there to go on your honeymoon. So, what are the alternative to real flowers for your decor? Instead of Candles…...

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