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Use These Tips To Avoid Awkward Wedding Photos!

Often times when we look back at our wedding photos we get starry eyed and hearts in our eyes remember that lovely day that we said “I do” to our significant other. But what about those moments when we find those terrible, awful photos that we aren’t happy with? Those photos that we don’t want to show to anyone ever? How do you avoid those captured moments?

Not Booking In Time

This is a big one. Huge, if you ask me. Depending on your time of year, you may have picked “wedding season”. What is wedding season you ask? The busiest months of the year for weddings. June through September are peak months if you wish to get married in the summer months (also known as prime wedding season).

If you wait until the last second to book your photographer, you may not get to book the photographer that you planned on using or wished to use.


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Also, by not booking in time, you may not get to have the experience of engagement photos with your photographer. The engagement photos are monumental for announcing your engagement, using them for save the dates, and having them as memories before you get too deep into wedding planning.

The engagement session also give you the opportunity to become familiar with your photographer and learn their style as well as them learning your style.

Lacking Connection

As humans, if we lack connection, we may not have the best outcome for our photos. To become acquainted with our photographer, it is best to be familiar with how they like to work. How do they give direction and how do they take direction? Lacking connection can lead to poorly styled photos.


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The style of the photos are everything! If you wish to have a dreamy, romantic style to your photos and your photographer is a sci-fi replicator and their style is dark, you may not get what you’re looking for.

Ask to see their work, a compilation of photos that you wish to see. Learn their style before you actually say yes to the them and their skills.

Facial Expressions

Don’t practice your facial expressions. Act natural. If you produce a practiced face you’ll get a practiced photo. If you act natural, you’ll look like you’re in a natural environment. The faces you make will be the faces you see for the rest of time. Think wisely!

Be Candid

Be Candid. Look natural. Having candid shots, not only looks natural but it also give you a feel that the photographer isn’t even there. It plays on the “romantic and in-love” feel.


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When you make your wedding schedule, you may not allot enough time for your photographer. This can rush not only your photographer but you as well. Rushing to get your photos done can leave unfinished business and messy, unconnected pictures.

Allowing plenty of time to not only get all the photos in that you wish to have, but also for a moment of silence between you and the groom as well.

Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

If you have a big wedding party and an even bigger family and not enough time for all the photos, think of this as not getting a good recap of your day when you look back at it. You have these people you want to remember but you won’t be able to capture them all. Limit the photos from want to need.

By creating a priority list of who you want where and at what time, you may have a better chance of having everyone that you want in pictures, actually in the photos.

Not Enough Photographers

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If you have a big group and not enough photographers, you are going to have missed moments, guaranteed. Be sure when you locate your perfect photographer you have a list of their “credentials”, evidence of their previous weddings, and an ample amount of photographers. You want to be sure that you have enough people to capture all of your special moments.

Details, Details, Details

Focus on the details, but don’t focus on the details…. If you catch my drift. Be sure pay just enough attention to your small little details, but not so much that you lose interest in other parts of your wedding. Have fun while charming your guests and be playful when you smash you cake in each other’s faces.


Wedding planning can be tricky, but don’t skimp on things that matter most. Capturing you day is pretty important, as it will only happen once! You want to remember this time for all of time to come, you want to feel the love that you felt in that moment, on that day. Plan accordingly and be sure to have a blast while doing it!


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