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Baby Delight Snuggle Nest 5.0 Movement and Positioning Video Baby Monitor Product Review

The Baby Delight Snuggle Nest 5.0 Movement & Positioning Video Baby Monitor does not need a smartphone or app. This monitor comes with a 5" LCD screen video monitor, camera, and wearable unit.  

The wearable unit is already synced to your video monitor.  The unit sits on a re-charging base on the camera when not in use.  When it is time for bed, you can clip the wearable unit to your baby's onesie or pajamas.

On the video monitor you can see movement bars that show the baby's movement You will also see an icon on the video monitor that shows whether your baby is positioned on their back, side, or stomach.  

The National Institute of Health promotes having your baby sleep on their back for safety.  This monitor was created to deliver peace of mind so that you know exactly how your baby is sleeping at all times.  

If the wearable movement stops detecting movement after 15 seconds, a video monitor alarm will sound off.

Best Features of The Product

  • Screen Resolution
  • Easy To Set Up 
  • Safety 

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As of this writing, The Baby Delight Snuggle Nest 5.0 Movement & Positioning Video Baby Monitor had 108 customer reviews and 37 answered questions left on Amazon.   I've read the review comments and also answered questions, and put together this condensed report of the results.  I hope that this helps you in picking out a monitor.


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The Baby Delight Snuggle Nest 5.0" Movement & Positioning Video Baby Monitor scored high with parents in the durability category.  One said,

"The battery life on the tablet is also great & the built in stand is extremely strong & durable."  

While another commented this about the screen and little clip on piece,

"The screen is durable enough that I am comfortable with my kids holding it and turning it on to check. My five year old loves to put the movement piece on my newborn as well, and it is easy for her to do so, despite her childhood dexterity."

Ease of Set Up

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Customers liked that the The Baby Delight Snuggle Nest 5.0 Movement & Positioning Video Baby Monitor was very easy to set up.  Many said that because it didn't use WiFi, it set up so very quickly.  The comments on ease of set up were very similar.  Here is one comment that represented others,

"When receiving this product in the mail, I opened the box and was instantly pleased with the clean, clear instructions inside the box. Most companies seem to overload you with instructions, pamphlets, cords, etc. This seems like a minuscule detail to most, but I get easily overwhelmed by electronic items. You have what you need and even a 'quick setup' instruction sheet."


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Of all of the features that this monitor has, there were a lot of comments on how clear the screen picture was.  One customer said, 

"The resolution on it is out of this world. I'm a true believer that these monitors are gonna be the only one people will be buying."

People also liked that they could talk back to their baby. One disadvantage of this monitor's features is that you are not going to be able to view this on WiFi. Another disadvantage is that the monitor needs to be plugged in for it to work.  One mom said it well, when she said,

"This isn't realistic for a busy mom walking around the house and needing the monitor with you at all times. Therefore, it defeats the purpose of the intended use of the movement and position monitoring which you see when the video is on. The functions work fine, but weren't really helpful to me and I didn't like the magnet I had to put on my baby for the movement and position to work."


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The Baby Delight Snuggle Nest 5.0 Movement & Positioning Video Baby Monitor weighs just 8 ounces.  The size of the monitor is 5.5 x 0.8 x 3.8 inches.  On the topic of size, customers were commenting on the nice screen size that they liked.  Here is one of many screen size comments,

"Turning on my monitor to the synched camera I was more than pleasantly surprised with the screen size and quality of the video picture."  

And another, 

"Screen is the perfect size, fits in my robe pocket perfect! Just love it!"


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Parents liked the assurance that this monitor provided for their child's safety.  One said this,

"I was so happy with the outcome of this baby monitor. I feel so safe that when my daughter goes to sleep, I no longer have to worry. I was one of those moms that was always waking up and checking on her. Now I just have to look at the monitor." 

My Conclusion 

In conclusion, I think The Baby Delight Snuggle Nest 5.0 Movement & Positioning Video Baby Monitor seems to be well worth the money.  If you are fine with the disadvantage of it not utilizing WiFi, then I'd say this one can't be beat.  

The resolution is really good so it produces a great picture.  The screen resolution and size seemed to be the biggest hit and selling point with parents.  

Another advantage is the ease of set up. People commented that it set up almost instantly out of the box.  I hope that my review helps you as you look to purchase the perfect baby monitor for your child. 

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