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The BabyBjorn Mini Cotton Bouncer is made to accommodate a newborn up to 6 months of age.   The weight range is 8 pounds to 20 pounds.  This bouncer mini is JPMA Certified with two easy-to-adjust positions.  It meets the American safety standard for bouncers, ASTM F2167.  The BabyBjorn Mini Cotton Bouncer is suitable for both rest and play.  It is made from 100% cotton fabrics, which are gentle next to your baby's skin and also safe for him or her to chew on.  This bouncer is free from harmful substances and also complies with the requirements of Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products.

This bouncer can be machine washed on warm (104 degrees faherenheit).  Wash separately for best results and use mild and bleach-free detergent.

The BabyBjorn Mini weighs 7.2 pounds with dimensions of 28.9 X 16.3 X 20.9.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Price
  • Used With Newborns
  • Safety 
BabyBjorn Mini Cotton Bouncer, Gray/Jersey
  • Newborn essential that safely holds your baby for you in the early days at home
  • Natural bouncing helps develop balance and motor skills - no batteries, charging or plugs required
  • Ergonomic bouncer with a soft and snug design that gives proper support to a very young baby's neck and back

The Most Talked About Features: 

As of this writing, the BabyBjorn Mini Cotton Bouncer has 17 reviews and 3 answered questions.  I've read through the reviews and answered questions and condensed the main topics to hopefully help you determine if this baby bouncer might work for you.


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The BabyBjorn Mini Cotton Bouncer has met both the American safety standard for bouncers, ASTM F2167, and certification through JPMA.  With all of that well and good, it's also good to hear that parents found it to also be safe.  Here is just one of the comments on safety,

"BabyBjorn makes great baby products, and their mini bouncer is no different. This bouncer will help keep any baby happy and satisfied. It's great for playtime or naptime. It's comfortable and safe. It comfortably cradles your baby, moving with your child as they bounce. It has the safety features of rubber stops, so you know it's not going to go anywhere, and a strap to hold your baby in safely and comfortably. A bouncer is a parent's best friend as their baby is small, and you need to tend to something else. Simply strap your baby in and he or she can play and bounce and be near you watching as you tend to other tasks that need tending to. This is a great investment for any parent and makes a great baby shower gift."


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I wasn't finding any negative comments on the durability of the BabyBjorn Mini Cotton Bouncer.  This usually means that people were satisfied with how a product held up when they don't comment negatively.


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The BabyBjorn is priced considerably less than the larger bouncers, so in that sense you do get what you pay for.  Here is one customer's thoughts on the price,

"Wish this was adjustable like the $199 version. I should never have given it away! this one was $100 less so I took the risk. It is not as convenient as the full size model for transporting, you have to take off each leg of the base to get it flat, then the legs bang together during transport which will wake up your child. Aside from transporting, I have to say I love the Baby Bjorn bouncers simple, sleek, and modern looking.  Very comfortable for any baby. So nice to be able to throw the whole fabric piece in the wash when it gets grubby looking. "


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The dimensions of the BabyBjorn Mini Cotton Bouncer are 28.9 X 16.3 X 20.9 inches.  Parents liked that this bouncer was a bit smaller than some of the larger ones.  Here is one parent's comment about the size,

"We love this baby bjorn bouncer, as well as our existing original sized one. We've tried so many automated swings and bouncers, and both our kids have always done the best in these. This one folds up really flat, and is great for travel, fitting right into our large-ish duffle bag."


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I couldn't find any features that parents didn't like about this bouncer, other than the legs have to come off of it for transport. 

My Conclusion 

The BabyBjorn Mini Cotton Bouncer is a great little bouncer, priced to sell.  Parents like how safe it is, and the fact that their child enjoyed it right from birth.  An advantage of this bouncer is that it sets back far enough for even the youngest infants to safely enjoy being in it.  With some of the other bouncers, your child will need to be able to hold his or her head up without assistance.  But this one can be used immediately following birth.  The price is right and half the cost of some of the larger bouncers.  It has passed the safety tests and it's portable to take with you when you travel.  I can't see where you could go wrong on the  purchase of this bouncer.

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