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BABYBJORN Soft Bib, Pink/Green Review

Are you in the market for a reliable baby bib? Then you may want to check out the product we are reviewing today, the BABYBJORN Soft Bib, Pink/Green. 

The BABYBJORN Soft Bib, Pink/Green has a wide, deep pocket that will catch any spills or crumbs.  This will prevent clothes from getting ruined from spills and stains.  The material is durable and waterproof.  To clean, wipe it clean, put it under running water, or place it in the dishwasher.  The neckband will adjust with your growing child.  It will adjust from 7.5 inches to 12 inches.  This product is suitable for children 4 months and up.  This bib is comfortable to wear.  The plastic is soft, and it does not tug on your child.  It is BPA free and certified food safe.  All BABYBJORN products are tested, and are always free from harmful chemicals.  This product comes in many different bold, fun colors.  

Best Features

  • check
    Wide, deep food pocket
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    Dishwasher safe
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    BPA free
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Very Durable

This bib is one of the most durable bibs of this type out there on the market according to customers.  Here is one of the customer comments about durability,

"We bought these bibs ten years ago, when our first child was born. TEN years. A red one and a blue one. Since then, they've been used by our next five children for 1-3 years apiece. Today, we still own the same two bibs, which are still sturdy, still holding their shape, and still easy to clean (although the little white logo has mostly worn off)."

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Ergonomic Design Holds Bib Close to Body

The unique design of this bib keeps it close to the baby's body.  Being close, means catching food and also being able to place your baby in a high chair with the bib on. This design may be one of the best features of this bib.  Here is what a parent had to say about it,

"I was happy to find the ergonomic design wasn't just a gimmick! It really does help keep the bib close to the my baby's body. The pocket doesn't hit the high chair tray and it stays open. I watched tons of food drop straight into the pocket. I can even scoop some food back onto the tray for her and sometimes back into her mouth. I'm a very happy mommy with these bibs!"

Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe

You won't have to worry about this bib getting stained like cloth bibs get stained.  It is very easy to clean too.  Just throw it in the dishwasher or run it under hot, soapy water.  Here is what a parent had to say about cleaning this bib,

"They are so easy to clean. I have put them in the dishwasher multiple times when I'm lazy and there's extra room. They still look brand new. If I forget to put it on him, I find a huge mess everywhere. I stopped using the OXO one because it was harder to clean, the Velcro wore down a little and it takes awhile to dry."

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Worth the High Price

For a two pack of bibs, you are definitely paying a lot.  But with that being said, most of the customs who left comments about the price, felt that it was worth it to pay more.  Here is one of those comments,

"The price is steep, but they seem built to last and the time saved in baby (not to mention high chair) cleanup is well worth it to me."

Adjustable Neck Strap

Because of the neck strap, this bib will work well for many baby sizes including petite babies.  Here is a comment from a parent of a smaller sized baby,

"Small size works well for small babies. My baby is petite and this bib does allow her to move her arms well enough to self-feed. We started solids at four months and she's always done fine with the size of it. It's also convenient for taking on-the-go."

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Uncomfortable Neck Fastener

The neck fastener had reports of it being uncomfortable.  Here is one of those comments left by a customer,

"I can't stand the fastening mechanism. It's really easy to get hair caught in there and it's awkward at best to fasten around a practically nonexistent neck (come on, a lot of babies don't have much of a neck). I guess for the material, it's hard to think of something that would work much better, so I try not to hold this against the bib too much. This reason, I believe, is also the primary reason my daughter does not like the bib. It's uncomfortable around the neck and fastening it requires more fiddling than she's willing to tolerate."

Other Products To Try 

If the BABYBJORN Soft Bib, Pink/Green does not fit your needs, there are many other products to try.  I'll go over a couple bibs you may be interested in below. 

  • The Bumkins Baby Bib, Waterproof Starter Bib is $6.95.  It has an adjustable velcro closure, which allows this bib to fit children of many sizes and ages.  It is recommended for children ages 3 to 9 months old.  This product is made from 100% polyester, and a waterproof coating.  It is machine washable, and can be hung to dry.  Similar to the BABYBJORN Soft Bib, Pink/Green, this bib has a pocket that will catch all spills and crumbs.  If you are wanting a waterproof bib that will adjust,  this bib is a good option.
  • The OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib with Comfort-Fit Fabric Neck features a unique combination of comfortable fabric and durable silicone.  It is easy to wipe clean and is machine washable.  This bib has a wide, soft, food safe silicone pocket that will catch all crumbs and spills.  The bib length is designed so that the pocket does not interfere with a high chair or table.  This product has soft fabric that is comfortable around your child's neck.  It has an adjustable, strong neck closure.  This product works well with children 6 months old or older.  The fabric neatly rolls into its pocket so that you can easily travel with it.  The dimensions are 8.75 x 8 x 2 inches. If you are looking for a soft, comfortable bib that is easy to travel with, this product may be what you are looking for.  
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The BABYBJORN Soft Bib, Pink/Green Bib has a unique design that catches food.  It also holds the bib very close to the baby.  This reduces the chance that food will fall out of the bib.  It is a very easy to clean bib.  Simply wash it off with soap and water, or throw it in the dishwasher.  The price is a little high for a 2 pack of bibs, but according to the majority of customers who left feedback, it is well worth it. I hope that my review of the BABYBJORN Soft Bib, Pink/Green can help you decide if it is the right bib for your little one. 

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