BabyBoo Wide-Neck Feeding Bottle Product Review

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Buying a bottle can be confusing.  There are so many sizes and shapes, and that's before you even start analyzing the nipples.  The Pack of Three BabyBoo Wide-Neck Feeding Bottles includes 3 five ounce bottles.  The nipples are made from silicone.  The cap is sturdy and has a smooth inner surface that will make cleaning easier.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Price
  • Unique/Fun Shape
  • 3 Bottles In 1 Set
Pack of 3 BabyBoo Wide-Neck Feeding Bottle - 5 ounce Baby Bottle with Silicone Nipple by Utopia Home
  • Includes Pack of 3 Five oz. PP feeding bottle with soft silicone nipple
  • Top sturdy cap ensures durability ; smooth inner surface making it easier to clean
  • Doesn't retain liquid; such as milk or other dust particles to allow constant flow of liquid and less ingestion of air

Most Talked About Features:


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It seems like many people initially bought this bottle for their "neat shape".  With so many bottles on the market, it seems to help a bottle to stand out a little more if it's different from the others.  So many did buy this bottle for it's cool looking shape.  Some babies seemed to naturally like to grip their little hands around the curves of the bottle.


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The price was low enough on these bottles to entice parents to give them a try.  And many did buy them for the price.  You will get 3 bottles for a fairly low price.  One nice thing about a low price, is that if you have to try out lots of bottles to find that perfect one, at least you won't be investing too much in this bottle set.

Wide Neck or Not?

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The advertising says wide neck, though some parents questioned if this was really wide necked or not. The bottle nipples are not the kind that fit a wide neck bottle.

What Age?

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Though the description says that this bottle is for newborns and up, parents commented that the flow came out way too fast for their newborn.  Some had choking issues.  For the parents that used this as their transition bottle from solely being breastfed, to a bottle, the results weren't too good.  Several said that their baby didn't have to work for the milk enough, and that the fast flow choked several of them.

Sturdy Bottles

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Parents did like that the bottles were sturdy.  For babies (and parents - let's be honest) that drop things a lot, this bottle will hold up to falls.


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Nipple shape and construction is a hot topic on bottles.  And it should be.  This is the part of the bottle that is going to need to function as much like a mother's breast as is possible.  One complaint that I heard over and over again with this bottle is that the nipples collapsed very easily.  This makes for a frustrating feeding experience for both the baby and parents.  Another complaint that was given many times, was that the milk came out way too fast.


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Some parents said that these bottles leaked easily.  Leakage is a topic that has been brought up on all of the baby bottles I've reviewed.  Some will say that a bottle leaks while others say the bottles did not leak one bit.  So, I like to look at all of the reviews and see what the majority say.  For this bottle, leakage was not brought up anymore than with normal baby bottles.


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The size of a bottle is going to depend a lot on how much your child is going to drink. Babies who are older are going to drink more and will need a bigger bottle.  And not all children are created equally.  Some drink more than others right from birth.  These bottles are right about in the middle on size.  They are larger than the 3 ounce bottles, but not so large as the 8 ounce bottles.  Some who are breastfeeding and have a lot of milk output, like the 8 ounce bottles, so that they don't have to stop pumping while they change bottles.  So the topic of size is going to be highly individualistic.  A medium sized bottle like these BabyBoo Bottles may be easier for younger babies to hold onto than an 8 ounce bottle.

Ease of Cleaning

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Parents didn't say that these bottles were easy to clean, but they didn't say that they were extremely hard to clean either.  They are not as wide mouthed as some of the other baby bottles on the market.  The wider the mouth, in general, the easier they are to clean.  Some parents commented that the bottle nipples didn't do so well in the dishwasher.

Bottle Warmer Fit

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People liked that these bottles fit in their bottle warmers.  I didn't hear of anyone report that these uniquely shaped bottles did not fit in their bottle warmer. So, that is not a feature you have to worry about. 

My Conclusion 

Parents and babies liked the shape of this bottle, but were disappointed with other aspects of it.  The fast flow of milk coming from the nipple made it hard for some newborns to drink without choking.  A couple of nice things about this baby bottle, though, are the price and the fact that it comes in a pack of 3.  This bottle definitely stands out for it's unique shape, though the important features of a bottle (nipple flow mainly) weren't reviewed well by parents.  If you have a child over 3 months though, they may find this bottle fine to use.  They may even like the unique shape of the bottle. I hope that my review of the BabyBoo Wide-Neck Feeding Bottle helped you know if this bottle would work for your family. 

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