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Kids Workshop Reviews: Bass Pro

Bass Pro Summer Camps

Bass Pro offers summer camp activities when kids are out of school for the summer. During summer camp, the events take place at Bass Pro's stores.  Kids can participate in the activities when they visit the store.  Here are just some of the activities available: Fishing at catch and release ponds, casting at targets, shooting arcade and archery, shooting at daisy BB gun ranges, riding the carousel (not available at all stores), and getting a souvenir photo.  Also on each Saturday during Summer Camp, families can enjoy homemade ice cream.

During summer camp, Bass Pro will have outdoor related craft activities on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  The workshops are conducted by experts and last about 20 minutes each.  Kids each get a free lanyard and then earn a free, collectible pin for every workshop completed. Some past activities have included coloring a wooden ring toss, creating a rainbow thermometer, designing a magnifying glass, making a personal camp journal, coloring a wooden wiggle fish, and painting a wolf track.


  • All kid events at Bass Pro Stores are free
  • Kids get to take home crafts that they made
  • Children may learn new skills such as archery or fishing


  • The activities only take place in the summer

What Other People Are Saying

Bass Pro

"With three young nieces, ages 8-10 years old, coming to visit me this summer, I was trying to think of some fun games and activities that would keep them occupied and happy.  Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp provides the perfect answer.  And it's free! The event... held at most of the Bass Pro Shops located across the United States and Canada, features free games, activities, and workshops. Families can learn skills such as archery, camping, hunting, fishing, and kayaking.  Other workshops include water and travel safety, backyard adventures, and birdwatching."

"This was our first visit, and we were pleasantly surprised! The kids attended a free summer camp and had a blast. They earned an archery pin and lanyard for attending the workshop, created their own bear paw magnet, rode the carousel many times, and played games. It was a wonderful experience for all of us. The kids talked me into taking them to the restaurant, which was another fantastic experience. We might head out there again tomorrow!"

"There is little in life that is free anymore, so happy to see that the family can still find some great fun for free."

Cost and Process to Join

Bass Pro

Bass Pro Summer Camps are free.  Just show up at the times listed.  Make sure to get there early enough for each class or event, since free supplies will only be given out while the supplies last.  Summer camp normally runs from the end of June to the end of July, but check out your local store for exact dates.  For 2018, Bass Pro Summer Camp will run from June 24 to July 23rd every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Customer Service

Bass Pro

From what I've read, the staff at Bass Pro Shops are very helpful and friendly.

My Conclusion 

​​​Bass Pro Stores offer summer camps for kids every summer in June and July.  For 2018, Summer Camps run from June 24 to July 23rd on every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. To have your child participate, just show up on those days.  The events are free and they will receive free supplies and prizes while supplies last. I hope that this review can give you an idea of something fun to do with your kids this summer!

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