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All You Need to Know to Plan a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings have the potential to go in so many different directions. Whether held at an exotic resort or your summer beach home, it’s like a mini vacation for you and all your guests! However it does come with some obstacles, as all weddings do. But at the beach you’re adding in other factors such as sand, wind, and the hot sun. We’ve complied a guide for your perfect beach wedding to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible!

Plan Ahead

The first thing to start with is deciding which type of beach wedding you’d like to have. Small quaint beach town, your family summer house, or a destination paradise. Decide if you’re having the ceremony, reception or both on the beach. People opt for all different mixes of this, it just depends on your preferences. Lots of planning goes into all these options. You need to make sure you have everything you need much in advance. Some beaches require permits to host weddings, which can’t be acquired the day of, so make sure to plan ahead and have all the correct paperwork filled out.

Dress Accordingly 

Choosing a wedding dress is such a big deal and you obviously want something special for your big day. With a beach wedding, things can get kind of messy with a long train. Opt for something light and with the least amount of fabric that beach debris can get caught in. Shorter dresses are always an option for beach weddings but if you’d like to stick with a long traditional dress you still have options that won’t get caught in the sand.










You also need to keep in mind the sand aspect. Heels often get caught in the sand and could make for a very unfortunate walk down the isle. Opt for sandals or bare feet instead to avoid any mishaps. Wedding guests should also keep this in mind, but if they forget, have a basket of flip-flops available for them to slip on.


You don’t want to go too overboard with the color with a beach wedding. A gorgeous ocean backdrop doesn’t need to be dressed up. It can take away from the natural feel of the beach. Stick with light or calm colors. Color pops are perfect for this setting because they add just a touch, but not too much.



The weather can be a big hassle during a beach wedding. You need to take all possible outcomes into consideration. For the heat you can provide your guests with fans to cool themselves down during the ceremony. Another idea is sunglasses so that they aren’t squinting to see the bride and groom. The biggest beach wedding enemy is the wind. Decorations should really be tied down and secured, the last thing you want is your adorable arch crashing down during the “I Do’s”.

Beach weddings may require a little extra forethought than the typical affair, but they are well worth the effort. As you are reserving your location, finding beach-appropriate attire, selecting complementary colors, and preparing for the elements, keep your final goal in mind. Let the sound of crashing waves, the feeling of warm sand, and the sight brilliant sunshine motivate you every step along the way.

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