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Before Putting On Your Wedding Dress, Don’t Forget These Last-Minute Steps!

After selecting your wedding dress, it is difficult to think of much else but the day you get to wear your dress for real – the day you put it on and don’t take it off until you are a married woman! When the big day finally arrives, the temptation to throw your wedding dress on as soon as possible only increases. But there are certain steps you must or should take before slipping into your most beloved attire.

Wedding dresses are often quite difficult to get into compared to other articles of clothing (the word ‘slipping’ was a bit misleading). To avoid the exhausting process of putting your dress on, only to have to take it off again, look no further than below! The following list will provide you with a series of actions you should take before donning your gown – the solution for any forgetful bride to feel assured that she is completely prepared to put on her wedding dress and to walk down the aisle toward her man.

1. Take your clothes off

Okay, not all of them. But you should carefully select what clothes you wear on the morning of your wedding day. Avoid overly tight pieces that will leave marks on your skin. Forget socks, straps, and skinny jeans. Opt for a strapless bra, or no bra. Wear something loose and flowy that feels special and is easy to take off. Robes, rompers, and the like are good options.

2. Stretch

You have a long, but amazing, day ahead of you! Energize your body and kick start your day with some light yoga, pilates, or stretching. Don’t push your body as to risk any unnecessary strain or injury. Opening up your body before your big day can prevent soreness afterwards.

3. Steam your dress

Steaming your wedding dress will make it look fresh for the big day you have ahead of you. While your dress is beautiful, wrinkles and creases can take away from its appearance. Prepare your dress so that it looks its best for your ceremony, pictures, and the entire wedding day festivities! A wedding dress can be steamed personally with the correct equipment, or can be steamed one last time at a bridal salon. Once steamed, hang your dress until you are ready to slip into it.

4. Do hair and makeup

Now that you are wearing comfortable clothing that is easy to take off, it is a good time to get your hair and makeup done. Select what style and look you are going for ahead of time and confer with your cosmetologist about how early you should make yourself up. Most cosmetologists wait to apply makeup until after a bride’s hair is finished.

5. Use the ladies room

… and not just to ‘freshen up’ (whatever that means). Try to relieve your bowels and bladder one last time before actually putting on your wedding dress. You can still use the lavatories while wearing a wedding dress – we reviewed the best techniques for such a feat. But the process is not optimal. And you are out of luck if you realize you have to go to the bathroom while walking down the aisle or in the midst of the ceremony. Save yourself and your bridesmaids some trouble and hit up the ladies room before slipping into your gown!

6. Moisturize your skin

The bridal glow cannot be replicated. But you can complement your constant smile with a full body glow produced with a little moisturizing. Rub some lotion all over your body for healthy looking and feeling skin. Use a lotion that you are familiar with, one you know will not produce an undesired reaction. Apply this lotion and then slip into a robe, romper, or other morning-of-the-wedding attire. Let the lotion dry before putting on other more important pieces that could stain.

7. Jump into your undergarments

Whether you picked them out yourself or you received them at your bridal party, wedding day undergarments are fun, sexy, and oh-so-important for your big day! Hopefully you selected items that are both beautiful and comfortable, ones that you are excited to wear. Don’t forget your garter!

8. Drink water

Stay hydrated! While the celebratory mimosas and champagne spark a festive mood, your body needs water. You and your groom will be standing for long periods of time throughout the day – at the altar, in the greeting line, dancing, and more. The only time you can count on as an opportunity to sit back and relax is during the meal. Even then, you may walk around and visit with guests. No matter what your plan is, you will exert a large amount of energy throughout your wedding day. Be sure to fill up with water consistently throughout the day. Do not allow the excitement of your big day make you forget to stay hydrated!

9. Eat food

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t deprive yourself of these necessary nutrients on the most important day of your life! Schedule your meals and snacks around the time of the meal at your reception. If your reception meal will come in the form of dinner, consume a full breakfast and lunch along with additional snacks. If you are only serving light hors d’oeuvres at your reception, be sure to fill up. Even if you do not feel hungry, get some proteins, carbohydrates and fiber in your system. Eat foods that align with your typical diet. Don’t try to become uber healthy in the last 24 hours before your ceremony. Fill up with foods to which your body is accustomed.

10. Brush your teeth

Make your dentist proud – brush those pearly whites! After satisfying your stomach, clean your mouth by brushing, flossing, and swishing mouth wash. You took great care to ensure that every other part of your body is clean, and your mouth is no exception! Remove any remnants of food stuck between your teeth that want to ruin your wedding day look. Freshen your breath so that you are ready to kiss your man all day long!

11. Take a picture

You are beautiful. Your wedding day is beautiful. Your dress is beautiful. Snap some pictures of your hanging dress to capture those intimate pre-wedding moments. And then…


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