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9 Must-Have Gifts For Your Bridesmaids!

Are you looking for the perfect gifts to thank your bride tribe before your big day? They’ve been with you through it all, so they deserve a well-thought out gift. So what are some unique ideas for gifts that you can give your favorite gals?


One of the biggest trends in the wedding industry is sharing matching robes on your big day. Nothing is cuter than taking “getting ready” photos with all your girls in your favorite patterned robe. The good news is that they’ll be able to use this gift again, and think of you when they use it!

bridesmaids gifts

Tote bags

Having a custom-made tote bag for your ladies is an excellent way to express your love! Try customizing these totes or weekender bags with the names of all your girls for a nice touch. These will be able to be used in the future, as well as for bringing the things they might need to get ready for your big day.

bridesmaids gifts

Tank Tops/Shirts

If you have a summer or spring wedding, try to incorporate cute t-shirts or tank tops into your wedding party. Everybody loves a great bride tribe or bridal party shirts that they can wear during the bachelorette party or weekend. If you have a winter or fall wedding, baseball and long sleeve tees can be a great touch!

bridesmaids gifts

Infinity Rings/Bracelets

This popular trend is a great way to signify to your bridesmaids that your friendship is never ending. Plus, who doesn’t love any jewelry they can wear with everything!

bridesmaids gifts

Custom Makeup Bags

There is nothing we as women crave more than beautiful, most times expensive, makeup. Give your bride tribe the ultimate treat by incorporating the best makeup on the market into a swag bag. Or, sign up your ladies for a Birchbox subscription for a year. Either way, treat your ladies to some great beauty products that will accentuate their inside beauty!

bridesmaids gifts


Have a bunch of friends who love to send and receive cards? Give them custom notebooks or stationary. This is a great way to let them think of you while they do something they love like writing some snail mail. Plus, it will help them to remember to always keep in touch!

bridesmaids gifts

Their Favorite Alcohol

Nothing is more welcomed in bride circles than some quality bubbly! I am sure that you are well-versed in your bridesmaid’s alcohol of choice, so give them a great wine or cocktail basket. They might need the alcohol for putting up with all your wedding planning!

bridesmaids gifts

S’well Water Bottles

These water bottles are great for so many reasons. They come in many unique styles, they are customizable, they are environmentally friendly, and they come in a variety of sizes. So get your girls nicknames or first names on these fun and cute bottles! Get them here. 

bridemaids gifts

Something Personal

Of course, nothing is better than a gift that comes from the heart. You know these girls better than anyone, you should know what they would want more than anything. Try mixing and matching the gifts above to fit each girl’s personality and preference. A cute picture frame from Etsy with your favorite picture of the two of you inside is a great addition to any gift!

bridemaids gifts

We hope that these ideas can help you get rolling as you start to think about how to thank your bridesmaids! Whatever you decide, we are sure that they will be grateful and excited! What is the best bridesmaids gift you have ever received?


For some beauty tips for your bridesmaids and you on your big day, check out the article here!

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