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A Handy List Of The Best Cheap Alcohol: Your Next Party Will Be A Hit!

Almost everyone loves a good drink now and then. We especially like to indulge in a few spirits on a special occasion. However, there’s one thing we all have to face: Good booze isn’t always cheap. In fact, if you want to stock your home bar with top shelf liquor, you will easily spend a few hundred bucks in the liquor store. Do not fear, though – your next party can go off without a hitch, and you don’t even have to worry about breaking the bank in the process. That’s because we are about to give you a great list of the best cheap alcohol that money can buy. And no, none of it comes in the big plastic jugs you and your college buddies used to pool your pizza delivery tips to be able to afford. I promise.

Lunazel Tequila

No gathering is complete without the makings for a good margarita. That means that you have to have some tequila on hand. Now, anyone with a brain knows that plastic jug tequila is likely to run anyone nuts. To that end, we have a couple of bottles for you. First, Lunazel Tequila. It is rare that you find a bottle of good blue agave silver tequila that won’t bankrupt you, but here you are. This one will be a real hit at your next gathering. Definitely keep an extra bottle of this stuff around – it is some of the best cheap alcohol you will ever score. 

You can purchase a good, pre-made margarita mix at any store that sells drink mixers. Just make sure to have plenty of limes, coarse kosher salt, and a blender in case someone wants their margarita frozen instead of on the rocks. 

best cheap alcohol

Svedka Vodka 

Svedka vodka is one of my personal favorites. Vodka is a versatile spirit that can go with anything, but if it isn’t smooth enough, it pretty much tastes like paint thinner. Yuck, right? Well, never fear, Svedka is here! This Swedish vodka is smooth, and goes great with a bubbly seltzer like Perrier or Pellegrino with a spritz of lime. Most vodka drinkers are pretty simple to please. Just give them a good mixer and they are good to go. Make sure to have a variety of seltzers, soda choices, and juices on hand, and your vodka-loving guests will be happy. Make sure to get an extra bottle of Svedka, too. 

best cheap alcohol

Seagram’s 7 Crown Blended Whiskey

Every party has its hardcore whiskey drinkers. It’s a drink that can be taken straight, on the rocks, mixed – however the whiskey drinker would like it. The important thing is to make sure the whiskey you get is strong, but smooth. A great bottle to have on hand is Seagram’s 7 Crown Blended Whiskey. It is a popular drink that can compete with higher end whiskeys in flavor and smoothness, but with a much more reasonable price tag. This is definitely some of the best cheap alcohol. 

best cheap alcohol

Tanqueray Gin

Good gin is a little more expensive than the other spirits we have mentioned thus far. Still, though, you can be serving up some nice, dirty martinis, gin and tonics, and other nice gin drinks at your next big bash without having to skip a bill or three in order to pull the event off. A great gin for your money is Tanqueray London Dry Gin. It goes down nice and easy, and can hold its own with any top shelf gin. This is still quite the bargain, and lands this gem on the list of best cheap alcohol. 

Plantation 3 Stars Rum

Ahhh, rum. There is always going to be someone who wants a good old fashioned rum and coke, and as the party host, you are obliged to provide. A great rum for your money is Plantation 3 Stars Rum. It goes down nice and smooth just like everything else we have mentioned thus far, and can be drunk in any typical rum drink. You never sacrifice quality for taste and experience with this bottle. 

best cheap alcohol

Tools You Will Want To Have on Hand

Now that you have the cheapest quality booze around, there are a few things you will need to really make your party host skills pop. Here is a handy list of what you might like to have on hand:

  • Blender for frozen drinks. Hey, not everyone likes their margaritas on the rocks, mmk? 
  • A small ice machine. If you do not have an icemaker on your refrigerator, this is a must. The machine will make the ice faster than your freezer can freeze it. You can purchase a countertop ice machine quite cheaply on Amazon
  • A drink shaker. Yes, just like the ones the bartenders use. Seriously, you need one. They make all the difference when mixing drinks like martinis and Bloody Marys.
  • A selection of the right glasses to go with each drink. Be sure to have a few martini glasses, a few rocks glasses, and a few of each type of wine glass. You don’t have to be as well stocked as the local bar, but having a few of each will set the tone just right.
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The Bottom Line

Parties are supposed to be fun, but they can also be very expensive. A good party is never exactly cheap, but there are ways to cut corners here and there. One way is to find the best cheap alcohol that still tastes good. Nobody wants to serve their guests plastic jug nonsense that would make them sick and taste awful, but good friends won’t expect top shelf spirits at a house party anyway. So, to that end, take this helpful list of the best cheap alcohol and hit the nearest liquor store. Party on!

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