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The Absolute Best Parts of Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can feel like an unsurmountable task. The seemingly never-ending list of things to do is enough to dampen the excitement of even the most in-love couple.

Many of the aspects of wedding planning process just must be taken care of in order for your big day to become reality. Some of the steps in this process won’t be incredibly exciting. They won’t be the source of lifelong memories.

But other aspects are pure fun! They make you forget any worries, stress, or looming lists of responsibilities. If you’ve already experienced some pretty great moments, perhaps you can relate to the ones mentioned below. If you don’t think you’ve crossed over into the enjoyable stage of the wedding planning process yet, look below to see what you have to look forward too!

1. Engagement announcements

No, not the stationary that you send in the mail to tell your guests to save the date. That period in your life of pure happiness as you get to tell your family, friends, co-workers, cashier, and fly on the wall that YOU ARE ENGAGED! Seeing the reactions on their faces is almost as satisfying as the moment you actually said yes!

2. Visiting venues

If it had not sunken in before, visiting venues really makes your upcoming wedding feel real. You must consider how your guests will fit in the space and how you will walk down the aisle and where you will have your first dance and if that floor can handle all your happy tears.

3. Saying yes to the dress

First of all, what girl doesn’t love to shop? Second of all, you get to shop for the dress of your childhood, adolescent, young adult, and current dreams! While the experience as a whole should be crazy fun, the moment that you actually say yes to your dress is incredibly exhilarating.

4. Cake testing

There’s no better way to fulfill childhood dreams than to go cake testing. A professional baker is vying for your approval. You are surrounded by cakes, icings, and sweet things of every flavor, color, and combination. All diets and self-control are placed firmly on the back burner. Drooling yet?

5. Other tasting

The cake gets all the hype, but dessert is typically not the only food item being consumed on your big day. There are appetizers, side dishes, main meals, beverages and more that must pass your seal of approval before being served to your guests. Enjoy every minute (and every bite) of this process!

6. Registering

Arm yourself with a registry gun and go wild! Just kidding, you still have to practice some self-control. Check out our article The Dos and Don’ts of Registering for Your Wedding for some guidelines. But even when balanced with caution, there is little that compares to hand picking all your wedding gifts. Especially when you get to do so with a registry gun!

7. DIY projects

DIY projects are not only a blessing to your wedding budget — they are memory makers. Late nights of DIY wedding favors, romantic comedies, and chocolate are what bridal party bonding is made of. Relish this opportunity to celebrate the artist flair of family and friends while laughing at the inevitable DIY fails.

8. Compiling photos and videos

It took a long time for you to become the person you are on your wedding day. All the years prior, however cringeworthy, are often referenced at this transitory occasion. Old family videos, throwback photos, and more are great additions to your wedding, and compiling them presents an even more hilarious task.

9. Booking the honeymoon

The honeymoon is traditionally the groom’s responsibility. But if your man lets you in on the fun, enjoy! You get to use your marriage as an excuse to check things off your bucket list, use that passport, and satisfy your wanderlust!

While every step along the journey of your wedding will be well worth it, some are more enjoyable than others. Have you experienced any of these amazing parts of wedding planning yet? Enjoy the bad, the good, and the absolute best parts of wedding planning!

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