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Are you looking for the best baby carrier for your child? Then you may want to check out the Boba Wrap!

The Boba Wrap is 95% French terry cotton and 5% spandex fabric.  Instead of buckles and straps, the Boba Wrap is simply tied.  You can learn how to tie it by watching the tying instruction video on Amazon.

It has two different styles to hold your baby: front hold or infant hold.  Once you choose the way you will carry your baby, you can tie it in that style.  This carrier is made to hold babies up to 35 pounds.  It can also be used for preemies, but you should, however, talk with your physician about proper Kangaroo Care for babies under 5 pounds.

This carrier is machine washable.  It is free from harmful dyes and chemicals.  This can be used for breastfeeding.  It also has a nice support on the baby, so that you can have your hands free the whole time.  Along with the Boba Wrap, you will receive a photo-filled instructional booklet, a safety & benefits brochure, and a warranty registration card.

Best Features 

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    Machine washable
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    Simple to tie on
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    Can hold up to 35 pounds
Boba Wrap, Grey, 0-36 Months
  • Easy front and infant tying styles suit the way you move
  • Machine washable for the easiest of cleans
  • Hands-free adventuring in a variety of colors and patterns

As of this writing there were 2,684 customer comments and 214 answered questions for the Boba Wrap.  I've read through the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a baby carrier.

A Little Harder To Learn To Use Than Regular Carriers

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There will be an initial learning curve that you will have to go through if you've never tied this kind of carrier on before. Once people have used this, most liked it a lot.  Here is one of the comments about how to wrap and tie it correctly,

"This is the 3rd Boba I've bought because they're just THAT wonderful. It took me about 20 times of watching the YouTube video of how to wrap correctly before I felt like I had baby secure enough but once I learned it I have used it almost everyday."

Baby Is Secure In This Wrap

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I wore my baby a lot when she was little and did chores all day around my farm and home business.  Two things I felt were most important were comfort (for both her and I) and security.

This wrap seems to score very well on how secure the baby is wrapped in.  Here is one of the comments on this topic,

"I work full-time, but I have the luxury of taking my little one to work with me everyday. This wrap allows me to keep him snuggled in his favorite place (against my chest), while allowing me to go hands-free so that I can work efficiently. I no longer feel like I am confined to my desk chair! Can't wait to get home and do chores with him strapped in...I've never been excited about chores before."

Really Nice For Small Babies

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There were a lot of comments pertaining to how this wrap is especially nice for young and small babies.  Once a baby reaches the 20 pound mark, carrying your baby in this wrap may start to become hard.  It is made to hold babies up to 35 pound range, but the reviews indicated that 20 pounds would be about the max for comfort.

There were a lot of comments similar to this one,

"Here’s the deal with the Boba wrap- it’s great if you have a small baby and is probably fantastic for a preemie.  If you have a larger baby however, then I absolutely do not recommend it. My baby is a big two month old and while he had no objection to being carried around in the wrap, carrying him in this gave me a massive back/ shoulder pain. I ended up returning my boba."

Easy To Pack This Carrier

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The Boba Wrap is easy to pack in a diaper bag moreso than a carrier with straps and padding.  Here is one of the comments on packing this carrier,

"I love that it's lightweight and easy to pack away without taking too much room up. I'm not one who likes to pack heavy."

A Bit Hot For Warm Weather

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When the weather is warm out, this carrier is going to retain more heat than a carrier with straps.  The reasons are that the material is thick and layered around you and your baby's bodies.  Also, the baby is worn so close to you, that you will be sharing body heat.  This all can add up to some sweaty summer days if it's hot out.

Here is one of the many comments about the thermal properties of this wrap,

"The biggest problem, though, is that this wrap is so hot. While fine for short, casual use, taking him for a hike in this left me drenched in sweat and the kiddo looking like a broiled lobster (with me in a light t-shirt and him just in his diaper!). So possible that this will work better for us later in the year."

Machine Washable

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This carrier is machine washable. It's basically just a large piece of material, so you can wash it just like you would wash clothes.  Here is what a customer had to say about ease of cleaning,

"It is machine washable, thank goodness, because mine got thrown up on all the time."

Boba Wrap, Grey, 0-36 Months
  • Easy front and infant tying styles suit the way you move
  • Machine washable for the easiest of cleans
  • Hands-free adventuring in a variety of colors and patterns

My Conclusion

Initially the Boba Wrap may be harder to learn to use than a carrier with straps.  You will need to learn how to properly tie it.  This wrap is great for smaller/younger babies. It is made for carrying up to 35 pounds of baby weight, but most people found that 20 pounds was when it became difficult to continue to wrap and carry their babies.  

This carrier is easy to pack in a bag, due to the lack of straps and padding.  It is going to be hot, though, for warm weather since you and your baby will be sharing body heat.  For a small baby in cool temperatures, this carrier is a real winner in my opinion. I hope that this review can help you decide if you should try out the Boba Wrap!

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