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Get That Boho Photo: Bohemian Wedding Photography Ideas

Having a bohemian themed wedding has become the dream of many inspired brides today. They absolutely adore the cabin in the forest look. Man buns and hipster lumberjacks are the way to go. Homemade flower crowns are the perfect accent to the bride’s hair. And the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen’s getup are immaculate and unique to perfection.

But how do you get that perfect Bohemian picture that you always see on Pinterest? How do you get that lighting? How do you get those creative ideas? While some of these questions should be answered by a photographer, I am here to help you with the “creative ideas” part. Below is a collaboration of some of the sweetest Bohemian photo poses that you may just want to use on your special day!


Before the Wedding

It is the little moments that count. Whether it be your mom zipping up your dress, you and your ladies praying before the photo shoot, the groomsmen playing football in the backyard, or the girls getting their hair done. The moments before the ceremony are just as important to capture as the ceremony itself.


The Bohemian Bride

A Bohemian bride has beauty beyond compare. Her flower crown perfectly in place, with curls pulled back or cascading down over her shoulders. Her serious and sultry poses, as well as her smiling ones, are what really bring the bohemian look to her photos.


The Bohemian Groom

And a Bohemian bride needs her knight in shining armor, the Bohemian groom. Individual shots of the groom are a necessity, especially a Bohemian one. His handsome features like his beard, gelled to perfection hair, or his pulled back man bun, should definitely be evident and pronounced in the photos.


The Ceremony

Ceremonies are incredibly special to the bride and groom (duh). And when it comes to a Bohemian theme, the decor does not disappoint. Whether it be an arch covered in garland, a breathtaking view of the mountains in the background, or flowers everywhere, capturing the beautiful Bohemian ceremony is key.


The Wedding Party

A groom and bride can never exclude those who have supported them the most over the years. While there might not be specific poses for the wedding party to do that is considered “bohemian”, the theme is still the same. Anything and everything natural, and anything and everything unique. Also everything is stunning, so that is great too.


The Bohemian Newlyweds

The best part of all: the new husband and wife. When considering photos and photo ideas, remember nature. Whether it be woodlands, mountains, by the bar or ocean, or in a wheat field, Bohemian brides will emphasize nature. The more natural, the better! Check here for some hipster wedding ideas!

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