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Want a Bohemian Wedding, But Don’t Know How to Get Started?

What does ‘bohemian’ mean?

You may have seen it on Pinterest, heard it from a friend, or even uttered it yourself; but do you really know what the term ‘bohemian’ means? An individual may be described this way if they are a free spirit and a nonconformist. The term refers to a informality and an unconventional approach to social structures and habits. Artists, musicians, and adventurers typically reside under this categorization.

But what would characterize a bohemian-style wedding? Quite simply, the aspects of this style of wedding reflect the aforementioned lifestyle. The dress, decor, and venue should all wield a whimsical quality, as a whole imparting an artistic, hippie vibe. From this foundational and broad characterization, the bohemian style can manifest in a variety of ways based on the desires of the bride and groom. A beach boho style would appear very different from a vintage boho style. Emphasis can fall more strongly on one facet or the other of these eclectic mixes.

You will want determine the theme of your wedding more specifically than simply ‘bohemian’. Making that determination will require a little research. Exploring various styles within the broader bohemian categorization will help you to discover what boho aspects you like and which aspects you want to avoid. Begin this exploration and your journey towards a blissful bohemian-style wedding with following examples of boho attire, decorations, and venues.

bohemian wedding dress

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Bohemian Attire


A bohemian-style wedding dress is typically casual and delicate, with a touch of unconventionality. Such a dress usually has just one complete layer of light-weight fabric, perhaps with ruffles or other unique textures for added interest. Simple, yet extremely detailed, some boho wedding dresses are made of lace while others utilize gems and rhinestones. Boho brides often turn toward sheer fabrics and short lengths to achieve nonconformity, as well as adopting an off-white hue. A boho bride’s dress is usually paired with a hairstyle that incorporates an intricate headband or flowers.

bohemian groom

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The attire of a groom should largely serve to complement the style of his bride’s dress. That being said, the groom has endless options in how to maintain the free-spirited vibe. He may wear jeans or shorts paired with a pattern button-down instead of the traditional tuxedo. He may don a hat while forsaking a tie.

Bohemian Decor


While the thought of a wedding ceremony itself may be too traditional for the bohemian couple, you can please your parents with this meaningful gesture while maintaining your free spirit through your choice of decor. As the boho style contrasts modern trends and habits, boho decor reverts back to very natural and outdoorsy themes. You can incorporate such a theme into your ceremony with lots of natural materials. Seating should be devised from wood or hay bales, not plastic. You can make your own wedding arch for the altar from twigs, wildflowers, and twine. The right decorations can transform even the traditional wedding ceremony into an exhibition of your creativity.

bohemian wedding ceremony

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For the reception, you have even more freedom to create your own eclectic mix of styles that continues the bohemian theme. Again, continue with natural decor. Also, utilize classic patterns and dated colors. Avoid bright, modern colors and adopt deep, darker hues. Focus the majority of your reception budget on the purchase of flowers and greenery as well as lighting. You can use Christmas lights, lanterns, or candles for a unique source of light. Dishware is the perfect outlet for the boho theme as you can assemble a variety of dishes which mix colors, styles, and shapes. Find these at yardsales, thrift stores, and online in order to lower costs.

Bohemian Venue

Selecting a venue which caters to your bohemian-styled wedding may be the easiest but most important decision. The venue need not be fancy, and actually preferably should be a little primitive and basic. Woods, barns, or even a large backyard will suffice, as long as these are not elaborate, fancy, or modern. Thanks to the nature of the boho lifestyle, you can save a lot of money on your venue because the more basic a venue, the more boho it appears. Rust, cobwebs, and other forms of decay are welcomed, reflecting a rebellion from society’s typical aversion from such states.

The bohemian style gives you the freedom to control how such a style manifests itself in your wedding. As long as you stick to the general credentials of nonconformity, informality, and free-spiritedness, the exact theme of your wedding is up to your discretion and taste. This discussion of bohemian attire, decor, and venue should help to spark your exploration of this style and help you to determine how you want to incorporate it into your wedding. Thanks to its eclectic nature and opposition to modernity, the bohemian style can not only be easily adopted but also easily afforded. The above guidelines regarding attire, decor, and venue should get you started on your journey toward your very own bohemian wedding.

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