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If You Don’t Pack This Bridal Emergency Kit, You’ll Regret It Later!

There are definitely such things as smart brides and stupid brides.

I know, I know. Harsh.

Meet Stupid Sally.

Stupid Sally is the bride who assumes that because she planned the wedding perfectly, with everything down to a T, that nothing will go wrong on her big day and everything will flow smoothly. Sally is the type of bride that assumes that she does not need to prepare for rain for her outdoor wedding because the weather is clear all day. Sally is simply a bride who does not prepare for mistakes or errors that could happen on her special day.

Do not be like Stupid Sally.

Meet Smart Sally.

 Smart Sally was prepared for everything on her big day. Woke up with some acne on her forehead? No big deal! She was prepared with acne cream. Accidentally tore her veil? No problem! Her mom helped her sew it quickly back together with the small sewing needles and white thread she had packed earlier. Smart Sally was prepared for the worst of the worst to happen, even if it did not.

Be like Smart Sally.

She used the wedding day emergency kit list that is written below to help prepare a bag of emergency things she may need later on in the day. So if you want to be a smart bride and not a stupid bride, read on for some helpful tips and information that can definitely help guide you.


• Ibuprofen or Tylenol

• Band Aids

• Eye drops

• Tums

• Sunscreen

• Floss

• Tampons or pads

• Floss

• Tooth brush and tooth paste

• Hand sanitizer

Sewing Kit/Clothing Emergencies

• Safety pins

• Sewing needles

• Thread

• Tide to Go (or other form of stain remover)

• Lint roller

• Small scissors

• Superglue

• Static cling spray


• Hairbrush

• Comb

• Mascara

• Lipstick

• Lip Gloss


• Foundation

• Hairspray

• Bobby Pins

• Hair Ties

• Perfume

• Lotion

• Chapstick

• Eyeliner

• Eyeshadow

• Q-Tips

• Cotton Balls

• Tweezers

• Makeup Remover

• Nail Polish Remover

• Nail File

• Nail Clippers

• Extra earring backs

Food and Drinks

• Water bottle

• Energy drink

• Coffee

• Granola bars

• Nuts or protein snacks

• Bride’s favorite kind of candy

• Drinking straws


• Phone charger

• Flats or comfy shoes

• Driver’s License/ID

• Mints

The Big Day Emergency Kit Checklist

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