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Goal Worthy Bride and BFF Photos

Sharing your wedding day with your BFF is a very special thing. They have been there for you in both good times and bad times, they probably even knew you before you were in a relationship with your husband-to-be! By taking the time to take photos with them commemorating this big BFF milestone, beautiful pictures will be captured that will be touching and tear worthy. On the other hand, you also may get some humorous ones that will perfectly show your and your BFF’s goofy personalities. Here are some of the pictures that you can expect to come out of your photoshoot with your best friend.

The Tear-Jerker Photo

bride and bridesmaid


You and your best friend have been through so much together and now they are able to be there for you during one of the happiest times of your life. A tear-jerker photo is guaranteed to happen during your photo shoot, especially if you two are an emotional bunch. This photo will be full of raw emotion that will pull on the heart strings of everyone who sees it.

The Hug-it-Out Photo

bride and best friend hugging


A hug is something that you do every time you see your BFF, but this hug is going to be the best one yet. Through this hug there will be a deeper meaning than the everyday embrace. You will be showing just hoe important of a person they are in your life and how grateful you are that they love you and put up with you. This touching picture will show the emotional bond between you and your best friend.

The Fun Candid Photo

bride and bridesmaid jumping on bed


You and your BFF always find yourself in crazy situations, by having this documented by your wedding photographer, you will get a ton of photos that will perfectly sum up the fun and craziness of your friendship. These cherishable photos are going to make you two friendship goals that rival Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen.

The “Stop You’re Making Me Cry” Photo

Once one of you cries, the other one starts bawling. This cute emotional connection between you and your best friend can be perfectly captured and documented to make that memory last a lifetime.This photo will definitely be a favorite and is very relatable to friendships everywhere.

The Best Friend Goals Photo

bride and bestfriend


Together, you and your best friend are a dynamic duo. You guys think the same, talk the same, and complete each other in your strengths and weaknesses. Why not let everyone know that you are best friend goals by taking a bomb photo that belongs in a bridal magazine. You two will be able to show the world just how amazing of a friendship you have while being supermodels at the same time.

The Favorite Photo

This is the photo that you did not expect to turn out so well. It captures the moment in time where you and your BFF realized that you were getting married in a number of hours. It captures the emotion of happiness and faithfulness that both of you contributed in your friendship. This is a rare photo to take that is taken at just the right time and is most likely to end up framed on your fireplace and nightstand.

By making sure that your best friend is apart of your wedding photos in a special way will make you happy in the long run. Although you will be mainly focused on the photos of you and your new husband, the photos of you and your BFF will be just as touching and sentimental. The photos of the bride and her best friend are always the best and can tell just as much of a story as the photos of you and your husband.


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