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Bridesmaids Dresses That Won’t Break The Bank!

When considering your bridesmaids, be sure to consider all the facts. The facts being that not everyone is the same size and not everyone has an endless supply of money to buy their dress. Be mindful of all involved, just because this is your day, that doesn’t mean that you get to dictate every portion of the day.

Comparison Table

If you would like your girls to be matching and coordinated, think of a style that would work best for all involve, if you’re ok with your maids picking their own dresses, make sure they know the color scheme or which specific color you would like them to wear! As long as everyone is happy that’s all that counts, right? But what about the price tag?

Don’t forget to tailor in the cost of the shoes, the jewelry, the hair, and the makeup! How do we find dresses that matches our style and theme in a reasonable budget?

Finding dresses aren’t from a name brand store is tricky.. But we have found some of the best dresses for a great price. Check them out here!!


esvor Flower One Shoulder Empire Waist Prom Long Bridesmaid Dress Blush 8
  • Please note: When you order your dress, please check left size image, not size Amazon info link.
  • Sexy flowers Non-removable decorate shoulder strap, Built-in bra in the bodice, Fully lined
  • Shoulder strap is not adjustable, The back is zipper up


No products found.


No products found.




Tips For Shopping Online

Consider alterations

Alterations for dresses can be expensive, make sure when you you consider your dress, that you may need alterations. If you have had your dress chosen for you, it may not be a style or shape that fits you well, you may have to have the dress completely taken apart, or maybe you just have to have a hem done.

Shipping costs

You’ll have shipping and handling for your dresses if you purchase online. They may do deals if you all purchase from the same place or have coupon codes that you can use; But just be aware that there may be a s&h charge!

Exact Measurements

You will need your exact measurement as to what you need and how much you need of it, if you get what I am saying! Most websites have a guide on them where and how to measure yourself (it is best to have some help with retaining your measurements)!

Tips For Shopping In-Store

Too many options

Don’t present too many choices when you’re dress shopping. Give your girls a total of three dresses, either you pick them or they do. Be mindful of the budget that they have set! Three dresses are plenty to choose from and it doesn’t make your shopping trip overwhelming.

Put The Dress To The Test

“The jump test” and “the bend test”… huh?? When they jump up in the air in their dress, be sure that everything stays where it is supposed to, we don’t want body parts popping out! The bend test, this is more so for short and low cut dresses, literally have them bend down and touch their toes. If their backside is covered and all their appendages stay in place, they’re good to go!

Dress shopping can be tiresome if you don’t know what you want or need. Be sure to have an idea of a budget for each of your girls. If you don’t wish to have the stress of finding the perfect dress to fit their individual body type, have them pick the style and you can pick the color. Only having matching or complementing colors as your bridesmaid dresses is an up and coming trend! Decide what works best for you and your girls and you can all rock your way down the aisle!

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