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MOH and Bridesmaids, Do You Actually Know What You’re Doing?

The maid of honor and bridesmaids are wonderful for standing beside you looking pretty on your big day. But they’ve got a multitude of other duties to complete for the bride before the big day arises.

The Maid of Honor

The Leader Of The Pack

The MOH must lead the pack of girls through thick and thin. It is her main duty to keep the show running… Now you may think that it is the brides duty, but just remember, the bride has ten times the amount of responsibility on her plate, make it your responsibility to keep everyone in line.

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Moral Support

The bride may just need someone to cry to. Literally. She just wants to be heard without causing problems. She wants a shoulder to cry on and a ear to listen. MOH, that’s you!

Secretary Of The Wedding

Think of yourself as the secretary. You take notes at the shower to keep track of what the bride gets from her guests. You keep track of everything that the bride gives you to do or complete.

The Attendance Is Strong With This One

As the maid of honor, you must attend all the pre-wedding parties with the bride. As the secretary of the wedding, you keep the bride on track. You’re basically her assistant for the duration of wedding planning.

Keeper Of The Ring and The Dress

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During the big day, you’ll be in charge of the groom’s ring. Don’t lose it! Be sure to keep in in a safe place so when the bride needs it, she will know where to look for it. You’ll also be responsible for the dress. You must be sure that the dress looks it’s best at all times!

Troubleshoot, Toast, and Twinkle

Troubleshoot when there is an issue. Don’t involve the bride. You want to be sure to give sound and solid answers to the one’s asking the questions without putting stress on the bride (chances are, she won’t even notice the solution or maybe it would be exactly what she would have said!).

You must make sure you give the best toast ever and leave out all the ex-boyfriends! Give her (and him) a toast that they will remember ’til the end of time!

Also, be there for the bride to make her smile. She will be nervous and anxious on her big day, be sure to give her something to laugh at!


You (and the best man) must sign the marriage license as a witness. It is a top priority that this gets done or else all the planning that was done will have been in vain!

The Bridesmaids


The main duties of the bridesmaids are to be the support system. You are the support beams to the MOH and the bride, so the bride and the Maid of Honor will rely on you for a multitude of things. Whether it be for making decorations and favors or planning the bridal shower!

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Play Hostess

This is exactly as it sounds. Play hostess at the reception. Be sure that you are a magnificent social butterfly that begins a chain reaction of the social standard that the bride wishes to obtain!


So now that you’ve got the low-down on what to do with your designated wedding duty, you’ll be able to rock it better than you ever thought before. Be thoughtful and mindful of the things that you would want or need for your big day so the bride doesn’t have to worry about anything. Plan accordingly and you’ll have one happy bride on your hands!


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