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Wedding Pet-Peeves: Bridesmaid Style!

Bridesmaids are great little helpers, your greatest support system, and a loving shoulder to cry on; As a bride, you’ll have a lot of stuff on your plate, things to do and places to be. But one great things is to have your friends and family by your side! Your bridesmaids are there for you and all your needs, so how do we utilize them to their full potential?

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If we don’t communicate, how will anything be relayed to anyone? Oh how we cannot have enough of communication. Communication is key in any relationship. Bridesmaids can feel a lack of communication when there are plans being made and they hear about them through the grape vine.

Fix it: Set up a form of communication and stick to it. If that is through text message, use that method. If it is through email, then use that method. Just keep an open form of communication with your girls at all times. Let them be aware of plan changes, of things that have happened, things that you have accomplished. This keeps the line of communication open and fun.

Organization or lack thereof…

One of the hardest things to do when you’re planning a big event, such as a wedding, is to organize. You either over organize or you don’t organize at all. As a bridesmaid you want  have some direction. You need to have some sense of security to complete your tasks that you are given with confidence.

Fix it: Meet. Get together. Have lunch. Let everyone involved help the bride organize. Delegating tasks will become the brides best friend. Brides, asking for help isn’t saying that you’re weak, it is just saying that you trust those around you with the tasks that you are delegating!


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Hair, make-up, shoes… We all know that the bride is running the show, but we can’t always comply with what the bride wants. Bridesmaids, if the requests are reasonable, then comply the best that you can (But if the bride is requesting a $1200 dress for you each to wear, that may be a bit ridiculous). Brides, if you want your maids to have hair and makeup professionally done, this is your responsibility to schedule and pay for.

Fix it: Brides, be sure to be kind in your requests when making them. Know your boundaries and know their boundaries.


Set one. As bridesmaids, you should have a range that you’re comfortable with. This is just the budget for your attire (dress, shoes, jewelry, alteration, etc…), just be clear what your total budget is. If you say $100 for everything, that may be a little low in the wedding world as bridesmaid have an average cost of $150 to $500 just for the attire.

Fix it: Let the bride know up front the budget that you are working with, this will aid her in picking out dresses and accessories. By letting the bride know up front, this will avoid all the awkward transaction of “not being able to afford something” when it’s too late.


Time is a big one. Brides, if you delegate tasks out to your maid and give them an unrealistic time table to work with, only expect sub-par, unfinished work. Make sure you give your girls plenty of notice for their tasks.. Remember, they are helping you out for your big day, but they still their lives to tend to.  You may try to hold on to your tasks thinking you can do it all by yourself and then a week before the wedding, you may delegate the tasks out, just be aware that this isn’t fair to anyone involved.

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Fix it: Be realistic in your expectation. As a bride, you may get overwhelmed with everything that you have to do. Make a plan, let your bridesmaids know the tasks you need to have completed then ask your bridesmaids their strengths and weaknesses. Let them help (with no rush and clear instructions)!


There will be those moments of hardships and hurt feelings, but at the end of the day, you’re all adults. Don’t ruin a friendship over a disagreement related to a wedding. Communicate everything that you need and feel and get on with your day. Fight nice!

Being a bridesmaid has definite specifications when it comes to their jobs and duties, but don’t take advantage of their help. Don’t be a bridezilla, no one is happy (not even the bride) when a bridezilla shows up. Communicate what the expectations are and what the budget is, ask for help when needed. But out of this whole experience, cherish the moments and have fun. Bridesmaids, this time is about love and the union of two people, you’re making history by helping the bride complete everything that needs done. Happy planning!



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