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Do You Fit The Profile? Are You A Bridezilla?

All we want out of our big day is to have the perfect wedding ceremony, the perfect reception, and perfect everything. We obsess over having everything perfect for our big day that we often tend to forget that the wedding isn’t any indication of what the marriage will entail. Don’t be that bridezilla that no body wants to be around!

What is a Bridezilla?

A bridezilla is classified as a demanding bride that is never satisfied and often intolerable; No one wants to be around her.


Everything has to be absolutely perfect. There cannot be a rose petal out of place or a color off kilter for your big day. You don’t have time for those imperfect helpers who will do nothing but question you on how you want things done.

How To Fix It?

Take a step back. Realize that you do indeed need help. Once you realize how nice it is to have help, you will be the delegating queen. If you are organized enough then you will have no problem throwing tasks out to the mom’s and your maids!

One Woman Ruler

You “don’t need no one“. You don’t even need help finding out how to get things done, you can do this all by yourself. Literally. Your bridesmaids probably don’t have any part in your big day because you “don’t need no help”… But you will sit and complain about everything that you have to do.

How To Fix It?

Ask for help. Nicely. Without complaining. No one will want to help you if you don’t have anything nice to say. So change your attitude and put your big girl panties on. You aren’t admitting defeat by asking for help.

Never Satisfied

When you do ask for help, you don’t appreciate it. It isn’t enough in your eyes. The more your girls do for you, the more you get frustrated and wish to be a “one woman ruler”. No one can ever satisfy you.

How To Fix It?

If you aren’t satisfied with how your plans are coming, do something to change it up. There is nothing saying that you must stick with the plans that you have made. Learn to go with the flow a little bit, you may actually like the finished product!

Wedding Budget? What?

You have no regard with your budget, whether it is a budget that you have set or the budget that your parents have set.

How To Fix It?

This is a big problem. If you don’t have any regard for budgets now, how will you have any regard for them when you’re married and need to budget your money? The items that you have purchased may not be returnable, but you will just have to readjust your plans. Don’t whine about it now, you did it to yourself!

No One Else Matters

All you can think about is yourself and no one else… Not even your fiance. You have made your life all about your wedding.

How To Fix It?

Make wedding talk “bad” talk. Go on date nights. Learn to live with your fiance again and let him know that you have not forgotten about him.


If you have one or more of these “symptoms” you may be a bridezilla. The first step is admitting that there is a problem. You do not have to worry about every little detail of your wedding. Relax and enjoy this time with your friends and your family. Your big day will be here before you know it and you won’t want to look back and remember that you were nothing but a bridezilla. Think wisely and happy planning!

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