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Broke Bridal Party Saves the Day: Tips For Not Breaking The Bank When Hosting a Shower!

The bride usually has the responsibility of planning the entire wedding, she may have help from her mom or mother-in-law, she will have help from her bridal party, but what of the bridal party and their duties? What about the bridal shower and the bachelorette party?


First off, figure out a time that works best and that is far enough out that works for all, including the bride! The bridal party should collaborate with each other and make sure they know everyone’s limits; Budget and time! Setting a budget can eliminate a lot of the cost, but setting a realistic budget for the group is best. We all know each person may not be able to afford hundreds of dollars at a time, but spreading the buying out over a period of time will help with feeling less constricted with money.

Location, Location, Location!

The location, depending on where you choose, can be the cheapest part of the whole adventure. Having it at one’s house can save a lot and there is a kitchen there to prepare the food and keep it. If you go with a church, they will more thank likely take a donation for using their facility and not have an actual charge for the building. They may charge extra to use the kitchen, just ask!


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Make your own! Making your own helps cut down cost by not buying pre-made food trays. Make fruit kabobs, cheese kabobs, and  have a cracker tray to go with them. Finger foods at their finest. If you’ve opted for a meal time, you may need to bulk up your food choices. Lunch meats and the fixings! Give your guests the option to make a sandwich or a wrap on their own.

Potlucks are also good for your wallet! When you send out your invitations, assign people with last names beginning with A-M a salad like dish, pasta salad, potato salad, or a salad! Assign people with last names beginning with N-Z a dessert or what ever you need for your meal.


Make a date jar, print out templates for different games, or make up your own! Play a game of “Who said it” or make a mad-lib about the happy couple. If you’ve not budgeted for games, just use index cards and give verbal instructions; For example, “What is your favorite memory of the bride?”, have each guest write their favorite memory and share it with the group. Many will enjoy hearing those stories and memories!


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Raid the dollar store! You will surely be able to find items there to supply for your guests! Be creative; Make a spa day kit; Your kit could include anything from an emery board to nail polish. Keep it small and simple. Give them something that they can make or craft, like painting an ornament or glass ball, when they get it home they will never forget where they made it and will forever think of the bride. And doing an activity they can take home could even eliminate the time for games!

Bachelorette Party

Who says the bachelorette party has to be a huge, grand event. Why not just have a movie night in at home? Have a movie marathon with all the bride’s favorite movies, have popcorn and snacks! If you continue the bridal shower into the night, you’ll be able to use the left over food from that! If you don’t like that idea, just go out for dinner as a small group! This not only saves you money but it also saves you a headache from all the drinking!

A bridal shower doesn’t have to be over the top, but anything celebrating the bride, should be nothing less than spectacular. Work together as a team and learn what works best for you all and the celebration of the bride should be nothing less fabulous.


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