CAKYE Women’s Maternity Nursing Bra For Sleep and Breastfeeding Review

CAYKE nursing bra

The Cakye Women's Maternity Nursing Bra For Sleep and Breastfeeding is composed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.  It is a very soft bra for sleeping in, doing yoga, or any other activity where comfort is a must.  There are no underwires, clasps, or hooks to get in your way.  This sleep bra has a built in pocket for inserting breast pads if you want to prevent leakage.  The simple crossover front design allows for easy one-handed access. Simply pull the cup aside for access.  This bra is specifically designed for fluctuating breast sizes.

Best Features

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    Very comfortable
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    Easy to nurse in
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    Multiple color choices
CAKYE 3 Pack Women's Maternity Nursing Bra For Sleep and Breastfeeding
  • Ultra-soft cotton spandex sleep maternity nursing bra.
  • No underwire, No clasps or hooks to mess with - Very soft and comfortable.
  • Sleep bra has built-in bag, you can insert the breast pads.

What Other People Are Saying

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The Cakye Women's Maternity Nursing Bra For Sleep and Breastfeeding had 436 customer comments and 13 answered questions on Amazon as of this writing.  I've read through this feedback and then condensed the results here into this review. I hope that this helps you when shopping for a nursing bra.


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These bras are so comfortable that many women choose to wear them all day long.  Pregnancy and nursing can be tough enough without dealing with a constricting or uncomfortable bra.  Here is what one woman said about the comfort level of this bra,

"These are super comfortable and I basically live in them 24/7. Super easy to nurse in."

Not Very Supportive

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Unfortunately, many women also found that although the Cakye Women's Maternity Nursing Bra For Sleep and Breastfeeding were comfortable, they were not very supportive.  This was a common complaint. However, even with that being said, most of the same women commented that the comfort factor overroad the lack of support.  Keep in mind that sleep bras are not meant to be ultra supportive.

Here is one of the comments about this bra lacking in support, "These are sleep bras, so they are meant more for comfort than support, etc. Very comfortable and I like the color assortment so I can easily wear them under any nightgown."

Multiple Colors

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People liked that these bras came in multiple colors.  Colors can add so much spice to people's daily lives.  However, even being aware of this, I was still surprised at the number of women that commented on how much they liked the colors.  I wouldn't have thought that would be too much of a factor in a sleep nursing bra.  Boy, was I wrong.

Here is one of the many color comments,"Having multiple colors has been a big bonus for me."

Better For Smaller Sized Women

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Some women felt like these bras would work better for smaller busted women rather than large busted women.  These bras had a hard time containing women with large breasts.  Women with large breast sizes commented things similar to what this woman shared,

"Regardless of whether I am laying down, or just hanging out around the house, my breasts inevitably come out the front of these bras (this without any kind of out of the ordinary activity). I even tried using one of my strap holders up above where the sports bra shoulder straps are on the back, hoping it would hold the front a little closer together and thus hold the girls in, but alas- I was greatly mistaken."


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The price is great, especially considering you are getting a 3 pack.  The following customer was thrilled to save some money by buying these bras.  She said,

"I can’t believe I was going to spend $100 on two Bravado nursing bras. I am so happy I found these instead- so comfortable and exactly what I was looking for at a lower price."

My Conclusion 

The Cakye Women's Maternity Nursing Bra For Sleep and Breastfeeding are inexpensive sleep bras at a great price.  Your purchase will get you a pack of 3 with multiple colors included. While these are designed for sleeping, some women wore them all day.  Just don't expect them to be very supportive since they were designed for sleep and comfort instead of support.  

They do seem to work better for smaller busted women according to larger women who said their breasts were falling out at times.  If you would like a super comfy bra for sleeping in and fit in the recommended size chart, you may want to consider the Cakye Women's Maternity Nursing Bra For Sleep and Breastfeeding 3 pack.

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