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Caution: These Bachelorette Party Ideas May Be Too Hot To Handle!

New brides-to-be will learn fast just how stressful it is to plan a wedding. Who will their bridesmaids be? Where should the ceremony be held? What kind of flowers? Do the napkins need to compliment the color scheme? And the list goes on, and on, and on!
One major aspect of the wedding planning that the bride does not need to plan is her bachelorette party. Left to her loyal and trusty bridesmaids (we would hope) and fellow girl friends, it is their job to make their friend’s bachelorette party full of fun, laughter, and memories for all of them to share. For those brides who would opt for a more adventurous, loud, and carefree night, here are some choices that make spark some inspiration for the perfect, crazy bachelorette party!

1. Dance and Bar Night

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For the brides that really want to stay local for the bachelorette party, as long as you live within areas that can accommodate for such a nightlife, this might be a really great option, really. Every state pretty much has a city nearby that offers a raucous nightlife that will have you drinking and dancing (responsibly,right?) well into the evening.
Cities like San Diego, Miami, Houston, New York City, and Boston are very famous for parties and club scenes. San Diego has the famous Gaslamp District, where bars are open well into the early morning and there are dancing clubs from below the streets to the roofs of tallest buildings. Miami offers a more cultural type of nightlife, while the possibilities are endless in New York City. In the Big Apple, every corner has incredible restaurants and hangouts, and you can’t turn a corner without a dance club or bar in sight.
But just because these cities are known for partying, does not mean there are not places for you to go and do just that! Any place, where you know the hangouts are good, are definitely excellent places for a bachelorette party. As long as you know where you are going and where all the spots are, your night is sure to be a blast!
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2. Las Vegas

For for those who want to have the ultimate bachelorette/last single girl weekend out there, Las Vegas is the place to go for that. This is a really good option if the bride does not mind breaking the bank a little bit, but is not a good option for the money-conscious bride. Here are some of the shows that play year round exclusively for female entertainment:

• Aussie Hunks: Stricly known for stripping, hip-hop, street, and break dancing, these Aussie Hunks take seduction to a whole other level.
Thunder From Down Under: I mean, come on, rope me up and lasso me to the stage! These are literally shirtless, hubba-hubba Australians in their prime. Need I say more??
Chippendales: This favorite classic features men in classy bow ties dancing, singing, and stripping for ladies, all the while using body butter and more to fulfill a woman’s sexiest fantasies!
Puppetry of the Penis: Masters of Penis Origami! Creative and funny, this is a truly unique and unmissable show!
Zumanity by Cirq du Soleil: This is not your typical Cirq du Soleil showing. Instead of flowing costumes and whimsical music that younger audiences always enjoy, this new adult show gives you an ultimate feast of the senses as these incredible acrobats transform regular dance and gymnastics using sensuality and very revealing costumes.
Stripper 101: A fun, flirty showing on how to undress in a new sexy and provocative way.
X Burlesque, Crazy Girls, X Country, Fantasy, Cabaret, and others are also ones that you will want to be sure and check out during your stay in Las Vegas!

Obviously, the female shows speak for themselves. They are just as seductive and entertaining as all of the male dancers and strippers! All the shows hit on how to be sexy, flirty, and most definitely, out there! Every one of them are sure to be just what you are looking for for such a wild occasion.

If you are looking for a hot bachelorette party, Las Vegas definitely needs to be at the top of the list, if you can afford it! Besides the shows, the casinos, the Vegas Strip, and an overall aura that can only be found in Las Vegas, Las Vegas will provide you with the best bachelorette party experience there is to offer.

3. Hometown Fun

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For a more laid back night, “on a budget” type bachelorette parties, there are still plenty of ways to make sure everyone has a wonderful time. Renting a party bus and going to your favorite restaurant with your girl friends is not something ignore when it comes to bachelorette party ideas! You can still wear the typical “Bride” sash and tiara, have a certain male organ shaped lollipop or cake, lingerie parties, beach days, little black dress night, the options are endless!

You can even setup a private striptease class together, pole dancing class (which is actually really fun and entertaining, especially for girls who have never done anything sexy in their life), really anything that the girls would find fun and enjoyable. Really, the night is limitless when you choose the best option for everyone!


Your bachelorette party is one of the last times you and your girl friends can go out together before you get married. It does not symbolize the end of anything, it is a celebration of what is to come, and what better way to do so than to do it with your best friends, while laughing and letting loose for a night (or two or three) together? No harm at all, as long as you (I am talking to the bride) choose to set limits and boundaries for yourself. Enjoy the time together as it lasts, do things that make each other feel sexy and fun, anything and everything good will come from this experience!

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