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Celebrity Wedding Ideas to Implement on Your Wedding Day

Celebrities are the ultimate figures of style and fashion. They show their place on the fashion pedestal through everything that they do like while they are out grocery shopping, standing on the red carpet, and especially in their weddings. Here are some ways that celebrities best displayed their iconic fashion sense that left everyone speechless.

Whitney Port’s Dress

whitney port wedding dress


Whitney Port walked down the aisle in style with this jaw-dropping asymmetrical high-low dress. This designer gown fit her perfectly and matched her personal style perfectly. To replicate this fashion-forward gown, go to a wedding gown boutique and start searching! If one is not there you can either continue your search elsewhere or ask if they could make that alteration to a gown. When walking down the aisle in your trendy wedding dress, not only will you feel like a celebrity, but you will also look like one.


Kim Kardashian’s Headpiece

kim kardashians wedding headpiece


Kim Kardashian-West looked like a goddess on her wedding day with her gorgeous headpiece. Her headpiece was made up of beautiful diamonds that screamed luxury. Now for your wedding headpiece, you can find one that is not completely made of diamonds unless you have a couple thousands dollars that a burning a hole in your pocket. Finding a cute, classy headband that matches your wedding dress will not be hard, check your local boutiques and wedding shops to find the one.





The Royal Wedding’s All White Look

the royal wedding

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The Royal Wedding was a monumental event that seemed to be broadcasted in countries across the globe. What is something different about the royal wedding? What is different is that all the girls in the wedding party were dressed in all white along with the bride. This look, which is thought to draw attention away from the bride, is one that actually brings attention to the bride and uniformity to the wedding party. This look is one of royalty and that is exactly what you are on your wedding day. If you want your wedding to be even more royal, make your wedding colors that of the royal wedding by including bold colors such as red, gold, and white.

Lauren Conrad’s Wedding Arch

Lauren Conrad is the ultimate style icon of the beauty of simplicity and detail. She implemented this in her own wedding through her hair, dress, and accessories, but one of the most beautiful is her wedding arch. Her arch was full of gorgeous white and off-white flowers that complemented the dark wood that made up the arch. This made her wedding ceremony iconic. To recreate this arch in your own wedding, you can get one especially made and suggest the same color pallet of colors or you or your fiancé could tackle this DIY project. Either way, your wedding ceremony will be memorable and perfect when you say your vows under this charming arch.



George Clooney’s Lux Tux

George Clooney Wedding


Give your groom a celebrity look by having him dress to the nines on your wedding day in a fancy tuxedo. George Clooney’s tux on his wedding day gave the wedding a grandeur touch that made both him and his bride stand out. This is a simple change to make on your wedding day that can make your groom and his groomsmen feel fancy on your wedding day as they prepare for the black tie event they are about to participate in. Your whole bridal part will look like stars as they star in your wedding.




Ashley Tisdale’s Reception

ashley tisdales wedding reception


Ashley Tisdale’s wedding reception was one of elegance and charm. By choosing to have her wedding outdoors, she went with a more rustic chic look by including wooden arches and polished white table clothes. The tables were adorned with beautiful flower arrangements and the scenery was the icing on the cake. An outdoor reception is a hard one to commit to because you either have to have a plan B or completely commit and pray that it doesn’t storm on the day of your wedding. Replicating Ashley’s reception involves lots of pastel flower arrangements, exposed wooden beams, and polished looking table arrangements. This reception look will show your stylish, expensive taste that will transfer well into photos that you and your new spouse will look back on for years to come.



Hilary Duff’s Bouquet

Hilary Duff Wedding Bouquet


Hilary Duff has come a long way from her early 2000s Lizzie McGuire days, but one thing is for sure, she still is a style icon for all who are aiming to be trendy and fashionably. Hilary did a lot well in her wedding, but one of the best executed thing in her wedding is her bridal bouquet. It is filled with lovely pink flowers with some other cool additions such as lavender, green leaves, and pre-blossoming flowers. Her fresh color pallet of pastel pin, vibrant green, and a fresh purple made her glow as she posed for pictures and walked down the aisle. Reproduce Hilary’s bouquet by being different with your bouquet and picking colors that mix to create a fresh, new look.



Sofia Vergara’s Cake



Sofia Vergara is seen as a icon of fashion and sexiness, she displayed both of these parts of her to create the ultimate wedding cake. Her wedding cake was full of gorgeous flowers and towered over her and her husband. This seven layered cake was a show stopper and made the cake cutting ceremony a must see. To add a touch of Sofia Vergara’s style into your wedding, include a towering cake covered with delicate details, this could be flowers, lace, and even feathers. Get creative and have fun designing a Vergara-inspired cake!





You will sure to be a celebrity at your wedding and by replicating some of these celebrity’s iconic wedding details, you will add a touch of  perfection in every aspect of your big day.





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