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An In Detail Article That Will Walk You Through The Name Change!

Changing your name after marriage is a hassle. Really… It is. It is surely a time consuming process. Not only time consuming but it also comes with a price. So after the wedding, you will not only have to come back and address and write out your thank you cards, but you’ll also have change your name too. So what are the steps you must take to complete this task?

Marriage License

To even start the name change process you must first request a certified copy of your marriage license. Some places will require an actual letter, where as other places will be fine with your actual marriage license. To request this, you must go to your courthouse or visit their website and fill out their request form.

So for example, in Pennsylvania, if you visit their website you’ll find the request form. You must complete the form and send  it in with a self addressed, self stamped envelope addressed to the courthouse.  If you go to the court house, you can just pick up copies there too (Be sure to go to the correct location as to where your marriage was actually filed). Be aware that your officiant must send in their portion of the marriage license that they have to fill out or your marriage won’t be documented with the courthouse!

Social Security Card

Once you have your certified letter stating that you’re indeed married in the eyes of the law, you’ll need to make that dreaded trip to the social security office. Try going at odd times for a lesser wait. If you get there when they first open, there will be a line. If you get then in the middle of the day, there will be a line. If you get there at the end of the day, there will be a line. Moral of the story, there will be a line whenever you go. Be sure that you chisel out enough time in your day to get this done.

Once it is your turn, it should only take five minutes to get what you need done. Just make sure that you have everything that you need with you!  To save time, print out the necessary form and complete them. You will also need your two forms of state identification, (a drivers license or a passport), your marriage certificate, and to be safe, your old social security card. You can never be too sure with what you bring with you!

Driver’s License

You must go to an actual DMV to change your name. Some places accept appointments, but most places don’t accept appointment. So yet another wait. But prepare yourself! You will need your updated social security card, you will possibly need a birth certificate, the certified letter proving your marriage, your old drivers license. Be sure that if you have moved, you have your updated address with you as well. There will be a fee from $5 to $35. Be sure to have a check or money order with you for this.

Go To The Bank

Now that you have your updated drivers license and your social security card, take those and your certified letter with you to the bank to change your name there. You will have to wait 8 to 10 business days for your new card to come from your bank, but this step isn’t too hard!

Make A List and Check It Twice

Make a list of all other bills that you pay, credit cards that you may have, and any other items that may be in your maiden name. You will want to notify your employer that you name has indeed changed and your are officially a Mrs. You will also want to let your insurance companies know. Your health insurance may need proof of marriage and name change, but most other name changes are a piece of cake from here on out. (Tip: If you have a car loan and your name on that is your maiden name, you don’t have to change the name on your title (This can cost $50 to $150.), just keep a copy of your marriage license with it so that if you ever need to prove that you are who you say you are, you have all the documents that you’ll need! Check with your bank where they have the loan, but mine recommended that it wasn’t necessary!)

Name Change Without The Hassle

Anxious to get your name changed but don’t wish to actually do all the work? There is this amazing site call that will allow you to sign up, pay them for their services, and all you have to is get your marriage license and wait! There are three packages that you can use through Hitchswitch. They offer a “print at home” service starting at $29, full service starting at $69, and platinum service starting at $89. Why go though the hassle when you can just use!

Changing your name is a hassle, but it really doesn’t have to be! Your name change is important to you and your new hubby, so be sure to start the process efficiently by knowing what you’re doing. We are here to help you! And lastly, congratulation to the new Mr. and Mrs!

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