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Bachelor Party Ideas That are Easy on the Wallet But Heavy on the Fun

The purpose of a bachelor party is to commemorate a groom’s final moments as a single man. The best man is tasked with assembling a group of the groom’s closest pals to say farewell to that stage of his life.

But the typical bachelor party is so mainstream. Stereotypically, a bachelor party is a night of festivities leading to intoxicated immaturity and either regrets or no memory the next day.

This is not the only way to pay homage to single life! A bachelor party can be anything you want it to be (and your bride will appreciate if it strays from the traditional option described above). Enjoy this excuse to do something fun with your pals. Don’t waste your night and your money on an booze-filled occasion you may not even remember. Here’s some ideas to get your think tank going!

1. Camping

Get away from all the exciting but chaotic wedding planning. Head out to nature — maybe a buddy’s cabin or just a remote plot in the woods. Try to truly go back to nature — go where the wifi is weak and the bonding is strong! Break out all the camping gear, fish for your dinner, and exchange stories around the campfire. Oh, but you’re not the outdoorsy type? All the better as you and your buddies really have to become men in order to survive in the wild.

2. Roadtrip

Why limit your bachelor party to a single night? Use the event as an excuse to head to a destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Take a typical road trip, such as to a national park or big city. Or go on a more unique one, maybe to a restaurant, store, or hike that have always been a little bit out of reach.

3. White water rafting

Married life will be an adventure, with ups and downs and times you feel you just might fall out of the boat! Enter white water rafting as a symbolic bachelor party idea that will prepare you for the excitement and challenges of this new stage of life. It will also be fun to see the looks of fear and adrenaline on your closest friends’ faces while heading down the rapids.

4. Rent your dream car

That 1967 Mustang has always caught your eye. You’ve dreamed of sitting behind to wheel of a brand new Jeep Wrangler. You wonder what it would feel like to roll down the road like a celebrity in a shiny black Cadillac with tinted windows. Now’s your chance! Rent your dream car for the day! It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, just enjoy the ride (which is also good advice for married life).

5. Sports night

Perhaps your pre-wedding days coincide with a major sporting event. Order some wings and beer, head to a buddy’s house with the biggest flat screen, and spend the night hooting and hollering for your favorite team.

6. Arcade

So you call yourself a gamer, huh? But how long has it been since you stepped foot in an arcade? Load up on quarters, keep track of scores, and feel like a kid again! Some arcades now have bars or restaurants attached to them, so you can find one to fit your interests.

7. Toast, Boast, and Roast

Moving on to married life is a big step for you, and for your pals as they experience it with you. Take a moment to reflect on fond memories, what you appreciate about the groom, and some of his less than stellar character traits. Keep it light, keep it fun, and feel free to roast some marshmallows or hotdogs around a fire while you’re at it.

8. Grill out

Load up on steaks, chicken, burgers, sausages, and more of your favorite meats. Fire up the charcoal or gas grills, the smoker, or just a campfire. Throw on some potatoes and vegetables to really complete the meal.

The funnest bachelor parties are the ones that stray from expectations. While you shouldn’t feel obligated to participate in the stereotypical constructs of a bachelor party, you should take advantage of this occasion to spend time with your men. Married life will affect your social life, so enjoy a guy’s night out. Get creative — check something off your bucket list or veg on a favorite hobby. Say adieu to your single years with a bachelor party your wallet will be able to forget, but you never will!

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