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Checklist Mania! Top Diaper Bag Essentials

So you are in nesting mode and have your hospital back packed and ready to go. Once you get home from the hospital, you will probably be so overwhelmed with so many emotions and thinking about packing a diaper bag for your first outing probably slipped your mind. So while you’re in the nesting/packing process, how about packing your diaper bag as well?

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It’s no secret that babies need a diaper change, what feels like, 50 times a day, and spit ups are bound to happen on a regular basis, so make sure your diaper bag is a decent size. A well-stocked diaper bag can save any mama’s day!

So what should you pack in your diaper bag?

The diaper bag essentials

Diapers – Depending on how long you will be out of the house, make sure you have a stockpile of diapers ready to go.

Wipes – Wipes aren’t only good for dirty diapers, but they also come in handy for messy hands and faces.

Hand sanitizer – You never know how messy a diaper can get, and depending on where you’re going, a sink might not be easily accessible.

Changing pad – This one isn’t a necessity, you can always lay your baby on a blanket to change them, but remember the changing pad is waterproof to make clean up easy.

Plastic bags – You don’t want to just throw dirty diapers in your diaper bag. Make sure that you have some plastic bags to throw dirty ones in to prevent a mess

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Bottles, Formula/breastmilk – If you are bottle feeding and you’re going to be out during feeding time, definitely make sure you pack a few bottles for your little one either filled with formula or breastmilk!

Snacks for baby or toddler – If your child is old enough to start snacking, this is always a great way to keep them occupied and help dodge any baby meltdowns!

Blanket – Doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside, a baby blanket can always come in handy!

Sippy cup with milk, water or juice – If you have an older child, make sure you have something packed in case they get thirsty!

Extra clothes – You never know when a blowout is about to happen, make sure you have at least two changes of clothes for your baby in preparation for some messes!

Pacifier –  Not all parents use pacifiers for their babies, but if you do, this will help prevent a cranky child!

Burp clothes – Unless you want your child to use you as a spit up rag, bringing along a couple of these would be helpful!

Sunscreen/hat – Babies are new to the world, and their skin is sensitive, never let your baby just bathe in the sun! Make sure they are slathered in sunscreen and a hat protecting their face.

Helpful extras

Nursing cover – If you’re breastfeeding, make sure you bring a nursing cover, you never know where you’ll be when your baby decides they’re hungry.

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Nail Clippers – This is just a precaution. You don’t want your baby to have cuts all over their face!

Diaper rash cream – If your babies bottom is starting to look a little rough, bringing along a soothing cream will make them a happy camper!

Nursing pads –  The last thing any mom wants is to walk around with two big wet spots on her shirt! Save yourself some embarrassment and pack nursing pads.

First aid kit –  You never know when a “booboo” will occur and your little one will need kisses and a band-aid.

Camera – Yes it’s 2017, and we all have cell phones, but sometimes bringing along an extra camera to capture memorable moments makes a big difference!

Helpful tips in picking the perfect diaper bag

  • Pack all medicines and snacks in a ziplock bag to prevent spills.
  • Pick a diaper bag that has a waterproof lining
  • A bag that has multiple compartments to make organizing easy
  • Consider getting two diaper bags, on for smaller trips, one for bigger outings
  • If you aren’t carrying a separate purse, get a bag that can also fit your wallet, keys and whatever else you normally keep in your purse.

If you’re a first-time mom, I’m pretty sure your first outing with your baby will be packing overload. Most first-time moms tend to pack basically everything their child owns, which isn’t always a bad thing! Don’t worry after your first few times out you will realize what’s needed and what isn’t, soon you’ll be a packing pro!


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