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Chicco Naturalfit Baby Bottle Slow Flow Product Review

The Chico Natural Fit Baby Bottle Slow Flow with Bonus Straight Nipple has a wide, round, breast shaped nipple.  It lets your baby latch on securely.  The unique angled nipple supports the natural cradle hold of breastfeeding.  The nipple has a smooth, skin-like texture.  Because babies are so sensitive, softness is a good trait.  The non-slip texture keeps your baby from breaking the latch.  When the latch is broken, a baby can take in excess air, which can lead to digestive issues like burping, spitting up, and gas.  So, it's always a good trait to have a non-slip texture.

The nipple is made to mimic the slow flow rate of breast milk.  The dual anti-colic valves help to prevent colic.  It's very important that your baby doesn't get milk too quickly.  The slower the rate, the better for your baby.  The nipples on the Chico Natural Fit Baby Bottle Slow Flow are BPA-Free and have been clinically tested for safety.

Best Features of The Product 

Wide Mouth

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baby bottles, B001J8D72U
  • One big advantage to the Chico Natural Fit Baby Bottle Slow Flow is that you get two nipples.  You'll receive the straight nipple and also the rounded nipple.  This will give both mom and baby a choice in feeding positions.
  • The valves on the Chico Natural Fit Baby Bottle Slow Flow will help to prevent gas, spit-up, and intestinal discomfort.
  • The wide neck makes cleaning easy.
  • You have several configurations of nipples to choose from.  You can choose a 1-Pack or 3-pack.  Both come with the bonus nipple.
  • Some parents commented that this bottle has a great grip to it.
  • Many parents said that their babies like the slanted nipple.
  • Some parents who bought the Chico Natural Fit Baby Bottle Slow Flow said that they liked it because it had a super slow flow.


baby bottles, B001J8D72U
  • A disadvantage to the Chico Natural Fit Baby Bottle Slow Flow is that not all babies will like the nipple shape.  Some parents said that for some reason, their child would not take their bottle with this nipple.  Babies are so unique that it's possible this could happen to anyone.   Some parents also commented, though, that this is the only bottle and nipple that their baby would take.
  • Some parents said that they had to stop using the Chico Natural Fit Baby Bottle Slow Flow because of leaking.
  • A lot of babies that also were being breastfed, would not take the nipple because of how big it was.  
  • Some parents complained that the nipple collapsed which made sucking impossible.

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My Conclusion 

Picking out a baby bottle can be a confusing task.  Once you start narrowing down which features you like and which bottles have which features, it should become easier.  Sometimes, unfortunately, you really won't know for sure until your baby tries it.  

This was not the most popular bottle in our top 10 reviews.  However, with that being said, some parents said that this bottle was their baby's favorite bottle.  The nice thing is that you will get two nipples to try out on your baby.  He or she might accept both, or maybe like one more than the other.  It is nice to have a choice, so the two nipples are definitely an advantage. I hope this review helped you in your search for a bottle that your baby will be happy with and accept.

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