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6 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Nursing Bra For You

A properly fitting nursing bra that allows you to nurse your baby with ease, which will make mommy life so much easier.  I’m going to go over the basics of picking out a nursing bra.  I’ll discuss which type will work best for you, how to choose the correct cup size, choosing for comfort, how many, and when to buy nursing bras.

Consider Which Type Will Work Best For You

There are three types of nursing bras: everyday nursing bras, workout nursing bras, and sleeping nursing bras.  Among those types are different designs.  It is smart to consider what type of nursing bra you will need before purchasing one.   There are five different types of everyday nursing bras, which are seamless bras, contour bras, flexible-wire bras, nonwire bras, and spacer bras.

Seamless maternity bras are made from soft fabric, and have great memory.  This means they will fit snugly and comfortably.  Unlike the other types of nursing bras, the seamless bra can be slept in too.  Contour maternity bras have a thicker cup, due to foam padding, and are for women who want to have a smooth appearance under their clothing. The flex-wire bras are for women who are wanting a great shape and good support.  This nursing bra is also called an underwire nursing bra.  The non-wire nursing bra is basically a nursing bra without the wire, but it still offers just as much support.  This bra is a good option for those who are wanting a comfortable everyday nursing bra.

The last type of everyday bras is the spacer nursing bra.  This nursing bra is becoming very popular, mainly because it gives you a great shape and does not have bulky foam.  Another reason why this nursing bra is a popular option is that it is great for plus size maternity bra wearers, and works well on large cup sizes.

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Choose the Correct Cup Size

Some people make the mistake of buying a nursing bra with extra room in the cup.  If there is extra room in the cup, the nursing bra has no purpose.  You will want a nursing bra that is tight and offers support.  Remember, a properly fitting nursing bra doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.  You should be able to slide two fingers underneath your bra, both in the back and front.  If you can’t, you may need to loosen your straps or buy a different type.  There are many types of nursing bras, so make sure you purchase the right one.

Don’t Guess Your Size

Your breast size will quickly change during pregnancy and post-birth.  Do not expect to be the same size as you were before pregnancy.  It is recommended to get fitted by a professional bra fitter.  A professional bra fitter will help determine what size you are, and may even have some suggestions to which bra you should buy.

Get a Comfortable Nursing Bra

Comfortable bras are not too tight and do not poke you in any way.  You should be able to put two fingers underneath your bra in the back and front.

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How Many Nursing Bras Should I Buy

A common question that often gets asked is this: “How many nursing bras should I buy?”  To answer this question, you should decide how many you think you’ll need.  Do you think you’ll be washing all of them at once?  If so, buy an extra bra to have when your other bras are wet.  Do you think you may suddenly need a different cup size?  If your cup size changes, you should go ahead and buy another bra.  And lastly, do you think you’ll want different types and styles?  Some people choose to buy all three types of nursing bras.  That way, you’d have options for what you want to wear that day.

Besides these tips to deciding “how many nursing pads should I buy?”, It is also recommended to have at least three bras.  That way you have one to wash, one to wear, and one to spare.  It is always important to have a bra available while you are washing your one bra.  But if something were to happen to the bra you’re wearing, you should have an extra bra available as well.  For example, if one is wet and another cannot be worn for whatever reason, you would still have an extra nursing bra.  Because you need at least three bras, you may want to buy all three types of nursing bras (sleeping bra, everyday bra, and workout bra).

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When To Buy Nursing Bras

This is another very common question.  A lot of expecting moms make the mistake of buying lots of nursing bras right before giving birth.  Although it is wise to have some nursing bras ready right after you give birth, your breasts will increase in size the most after birth when the milk begins coming in.  Therefore, you should probably wait to buy nursing pads until after you give birth.  On the other hand, if you want support while you are still pregnant, you may want to buy a nursing bra anyways.  This will give you the time to get comfortable wearing a nursing bra if you aren’t used to wearing them, and it will also give you the support you need.  Just make sure you do not buy too many before birth.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make life easier.  One of those little things, as a breastfeeding mama, is to have a properly fitting nursing bra.  I hope that I’ve helped you to know what to look for when shopping for one.  Take your time and get a bra that is right for you.

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