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Trying To Decide On Your Wedding Date? Great Tips To Help You Choose!

How does one choose their wedding date? No, not the person you take to a wedding, silly! The actual date that you get married! You’ve got four seasons and 365 days to choose from… But what do you look for in a specific date and how do you choose the best date that works for you and your fiance?


Picking a symbolic date to get married can be special to you for more than one reason. Maybe you will pick the date that your grandparents got married 70 years before or maybe you will pick the date that officially started dating each other three years before. Either way, a symbolic date is just that, symbolic and special to you.

The Attire

What kind of attire do you wish to have your bridal party wear? Or what do you wish to see them in? If you wish to see them in tea length dresses with cute sandals, you more than likely will not have them wear that in the cooler months. So this cuts out the a fall and winter wedding!

Your Budget

You may not think your budget has a lot to do with this, but if you have a strict budget then it surely does have a lot to do with how you choose your date. The average wedding, not including the honeymoon, costs around $30,o00.

Consider The Off Season

The off season? Yes, there are off season’s for weddings. If you budget plays a roll in how you plan your wedding, you may want to consider the off season as it is usually cheaper and your budget will go further. The wedding industry may not get much business during the off season and they will try to win your business with cheaper prices.

The Weather

Weather isn’t a big deal unless it deters your guests from actually getting to your ceremony, then you have a problem. Consider what kind of weather you would like to see. If you wish to see snow falling in the background, choose a winter wedding. Sunny skies? Go with the summer time!

How Far Out Do You Wish It To Be?

If you’ve just gotten engaged, you want a summer wedding, and it is six months away… You may have enough time to plan but that may be a stretch. Give yourself some time to actually plan and think about your wedding. Don’t gyp yourself of time, but if you really wish to have it in six months, get to planning!

Your Vision

Your vision may be totally different of what you actually achieve, but it is really good to have the vision of what you may want. The time of year that you choose can really help you decide what date to choose as well!


How did you and your fiance come to choose your wedding date? Did you use these key points or was your date just picked randomly? If you’re having trouble with it, be sure to use these tips and you will surely have a date set and on your way to getting married! Happy planning!


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